1962 pink moen sink

Albas posted this strange pink 1962 sink for sale on the Forum. A one eyed one horned giant purple people eater. Actually, there seem to be THREE of these sinks for sale. But what are they? We have never seen these wodditties before.

So I write John, vintage plumbing expert at deabath.com (an advertiser xoxo). He writes:

Hi Pam,

The valve looks to be a Moen.  I ran across one of these sinks in a salvage yard a couple years ago, no valve.  We just figured it was one of those 60’s “what were they thinking” sort of things…. Think of all the extra plumbing work!


  1. tim says:

    Update to my previous post: I pulled out the brochure for the 1964 “Sol-Vista” house and it listed in the bathroom section “Graning oval bowl with a centerset touch control” did some googling and found the patents for the faucet by “Graning Enameling Company” https://patents.google.com/patent/US3338267A/en
    so there ya go, this picture is of a modified Graning Oval bowl where the owner must have really like its design to have a moen mixing valve added upline after the graning valve seized up with calcium. My parents got tired of having a wrench as a bathroom accessory next to each sink just to turn on the water, and replaced these cool sinks after only 4 years in the house. This is the only picture of these sinks I can find on the internet!! Thanx retrorenovation.com !!

  2. tim says:

    I was raised in a MCM house in orange county, ca with this. The main fixtures were American Standard. This looks like modification , with the Moen shower valve,after the original faucet seized up with calcium build up. The original design was a faucet ring that you pulled down and twisted left or right for mixing hot and cold. On this sink you only see the little nub with a new aeration attached. 1964 Sol Vista housing development, Westminster, Ca
    We had the electro sink center in the kitchen too!

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