Farmhouse kitchen cabinets – wonderful door design from Martha Stewart for Home Depot

farmhouse-kitchen-cabinetsI have been in Kentucky for the past two weeks, visiting and also helping out with some renovations to my mom’s 1974 home. That means: I have been to Lowe’s and Home Depot about 10 times, combined, I am not kidding. We don’t have a Lowe’s where I live, and the Home Depot here in KY is much bigger than in my small town. So, I have been having a party cataloguing at all the goodies.

martha steward oxhill kitchen cabinet doors

One of things that I have seen — and which had me jumping up and down in the aisle — was this cabinet door in Martha Stewart’s new line of kitchen cabinets for Home Depot. I love it — it’s called a “double batten” door with flat panel. The original cabinets in my 1912 Colonial Revival house in Saline, Michigan, had just this door style, in quartersawn oak. This Martha Stewart door — called OxHill — comes in four painted finishes — a white, a light green, and two grays. I think it could be a wonderful choice for a vintage-inspired kitchen in a prewar home such as a Victorian, Colonial Revival or Arts & Crafts bungalow… a southern shotgun (I think that’s what they are called)… a farmhouse kitchen… or a cottage. Well done, Martha!

  1. elizajane says:

    I just spent several hours looking at these exact cabinets for my 1920’s bungalow. I love the vintage design, however I wish there were color choices other than green and gray. I would prefer a pretty yellow or dare I say it…pink.

    1. SAS says:

      Perhaps Andrea can chime in and discuss the ability of buying the wood ones and painting them. I know the laminate is supposed to avoid paint, but paint is changeable while laminate … not so much.

  2. Jen says:

    Those are wonderful cabinet doors! Very clean, attractive, and yes, a fab vintage flair. I’m impressed! Thanks for digging these out, Pam!

  3. andrea says:

    Just so everyone knows, martha stewart had a hand in designing every doorstyle in her collection. Most of them are based off of kitchens of homes she owns or has owned in the past. The colored doors aren’t painted, they are made of a material called purestyle laminate. Its been in europe for years but new to the states. It gives you the look of a painted finish without any maintenance or joint lines showing. It is a great value priced cabinet line with historical door styles with modern upgrades. I am a kitchen designer for the home depot so I just thought I’d share what I know 🙂

  4. John says:

    I have her paint colors in several rooms and they are very good quality and look great.

  5. It’s nice to see a more sensitive offering from the big orange box. They did well teaming up with Martha, including her attractive line of carpeting. Now if she could just improve their lighting options…

    1. SAS says:

      >>Now if she could just improve their lighting options…

      Amen, Sister. Lowe’s has some vintage-looking stuff in basic lighting for kitchen and bath, but not much.

  6. Jennie Condra says:

    Oooohhh. Where are you? I have an idea-come to my house! My 1951 one and a half story needs your help…I love your forum and read it daily for ideas. Enjoy your stay in KY!


      1. Jennie Condra says:

        I live in Lexington, in the Southland drive neighborhood. In case you are here in Lexington, I thought I would share a few of my favorite little stores to buy small and large vintage items. There is Scout and Room Service on Liberty rd., Street Scene on Regency, and we have a large habitat for humanity re-store on Southland Dr. If you visit often, you probably already know about these spots!

  7. John says:

    Hi Pam, let us not forget the hundreds of people that work for Martha and come up with these great designs.


  8. Katy says:

    I just spent an hour with an elderly lady up the street who plans to sell her house in a year or so. I’ve always admired the location of the house but I’m not so crazy about the 1980’s design. Seeing these cabinet doors gives me hope that I can overlook oak cabinets with ugly hardware. Hope they’re still available if/when they’re needed! 🙂

  9. Jeri says:

    I love this! My home was built in 1881. It has been through many “updates” and has been a rental home. The house isn’t really Victorian style. I guess it’s more of the southern shotgun/cottage.
    I struggle trying to figure out how to re-date our home because it has been through so many changes. I love MCM – but it doesn’t feel right to me in the house.
    These cabinets provide a great solution for me. 🙂 TY!

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