Vintage NOS exterior lights for your ranch, cape, colonial or mediterranean home

vitnage wrought iron post light

Over on the Buy/Sell Forum, Russ and Paula have posted a bunch of new-old-stock (NOS) vintage exterior post lights for sale. They rescued them from a lumber surplus store in Minnesota that had been in business for more than 50 years. The building was sold, and the new owner wanted all the stuff inside gone. Russ, his wife Paula, and her sister Gina rolled up their sleeves and dove into “a room that probably has not seen people in 30+ years.” Their hard work is your good luck, if you’re looking for a vintage exterior light to go on a three-inch pole. Instant, authentic — and well-priced — curb appeal.

vintage exterior lightingHere some more of the story, from Russ:

These post lights all fit a 3″ post like you would have in your front yard. We have a few wall-mounted exterior lights as well.

retro exterior lighting for a ranch house

Most of all the post lights we have are made by either Progress or Starlight and all are still in their original boxes and never used. We did take these lights out to inspect and test them. Some boxes are not in shippable condition, but we assure you these are all original and not reproductions.

exterior post light for a mediterranean house

Prices do vary on these lights, so if you are interested please tell us which picture number [as listed in Forum listing] you are looking at in order from top to bottom and we will get back to you. We have shipped lights all over the country with no problems, and we do pack them well .

vintage tudor sconce

The story on how we got all of our original vintage lights and other stuff, maybe Pam remembers it from talking with Paula and Gina. We had a lumber surplus store in town that was in business for over 50 years, and the owner bought everything under the sun, but hated to get rid of much at all…

NOS exterior post light

Anyway god rest his soul he passed away, and the family sold the business. Well, the new owner only wanted the building and what didnt sell was getting thrown away. We being the way we are could not let all of these beautiful fixtures become scrap metal, so stepped into a room that probably has not seen people in 30+ years and started going through boxes.

vintage post light with eagle

Many hours and dollars later, our garage is full, but we did what we could to save as much as possible. This was a joint effort by my wife her sister and me, and although we could not save it all, we got most of the vintage merchandise.

retro post light

My wife doesn’t like not being able to get her car in the garage, but would rather see these nearly lost forever lights saved .

Thank you, Russ, Paula and Gina. These are beauties… you get snaps for your entrepreneurial hard work… and I wish I had these available when we added our exterior post light — although I do like my matched set of colonial-style exterior lights from Hanover.

Readers: Consult with a professional before you install vintage lighting. Even if it’s New Old Stock, I believe they will recommend to rewire to be safe.

How to get these? Click here to go over the the Forum to contact Russ. Pricing (listed on the Forum) is from $49.99 to $99.99 plus shipping. There is actually even More from Russ, Paula & Gina’s haul, listed on the Forum. To get to these items, click on their name (in green on the Forum listing) then onto their “other posts.” To participate in the Forum, you will have to register.

  1. Terri Hearrell says:

    I am interested in the vintage white post light above, but do not seem to be able to access the “Forum”

    1. pam kueber says:

      note — very old story. likely they are long gone. try ebay and etsy and watch this blog and our facebook page. I post ’em when I see a large stash…

  2. Shea says:

    Does anybody know what brand/model that very first cast iron lamp is? I had a matching set of those on my 1951 house. Unfortunately the lamp post is busted and I had to take it down. The porch light is still there, but it’s in fairly bad shape.


    1. Russ says:

      Hi , If you are referring to these lights and the black one with the crown on top it is made by Progress in the 1950’s . These are all of our lights that Pam featured from our Etsy shop . I hope that is what you were asking .

  3. Jerry says:

    I would like to say, I bought a set of door handles from Russ and Paula and they were gracious and wonderful to do business with. Thank you Russ and Paula 🙂

    Jerry Burton

  4. Russ & Paula says:

    Hi all , First off thank you Pam for putting us in the spotlight and second thanks to everyone that has emailed us even if it was just to say thanks for saving all of these great vintage items we did save from being recycled . We appreciate it very much .

    Russ & Paula

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