Exterior lighting for your postwar ranch, colonial or Cape house — from Hanover Lantern

hanover-lantern-manor-lights-beauty-shot-1-cropped.jpgAdding the right exterior lighting to your 40s 50s or 60s ranch, Cape or colonial can make all the difference in the world — like the perfect jewelry on a little black dress. I’ve written previously about a few options from Rejuvenation Lighting. But for colonial style lighting similar to what was so very prevalent in the postwar period, I really like the Manor collection from Hanover Lantern.

These are exactly what I put on my brick colonial-ranch. They are especially good because you can get them in small sizes. Today, it seems, so many alternatives promoted are way too oversized, on steroids. But look at a vintage house, and the lighting was smallish, to scale for modest sized, middle class homes. I also like this set because it offers:

  • A ceiling fixture for above the door that doesn’t drop too far down
  • A single lantern with ‘curlicue’ scrolls for above the garage (if you have the fascia space)
  • It’s simple, no florets or swirlies
  • Complete line available
  • Custom made in the U.S.A., and of good quality.
  • BTW you can upcharge for real glass. And, I went for the classic wrought iron black.

Looking at other neighborhood examples, I also see lighting similar to the Salem collection (thumbnail), definitely a colonial revival design, and in particular appropriate for Capes (what do you think, NightingaleJen?).


You have to order these lights from a retailer. But you can get the catalogs from HanoverLantern.com. I’ll be doing some more informational posts about some of their other products soon.

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  1. Jean Gough says:

    Hi Pam,
    I am going to purchase the Manor for my home to replace a mismatch of lights the first owner used. I am unsure of the size to get. Any help?

    1. pam kueber says:

      Hi Jean, hard to say without seeing your house. Idea: Go around to other houses in your neighborhood and analyze the size of their lights and how they look on the house. Of course, you’re aiming for not too big not too small just right!

    1. pam kueber says:

      dani, i don’t sell anything on this site – i suggest you go look at hanover’s website and find a local retailer. the lantern with the curlicues, by the way, is adorable. i had it on my house until we did some updates and got sidelights instead. very classic mid-mod!

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