Win a “Love the House You’re In” collage of your house

love the house you're in collage from retro renovationMonday update: Some readers have been unable to submit Comments since Thursday. Tech support is working on this. So — I will leave this post open until we get the issue solved, so that everyone can participate. Sorry for the inconvenience! Shelly was the winner of last month’s “Love the House You’re In” custom collage by our collage artist laureate Mel Kolstad.  To win our June contest:  Leave a Comment sharing, “What I am doing for my summer vacation?” This contest rewards regular readers — I will pick a winner Monday morning.Please read all the rules here before entering, they all apply.

Meanwhile, Mel explains this month’s collage:

What an inviting home! Shelly sent multiple views of her gorgeous home for me to use and I chose this angle so that I could incorporate all of the beautiful foliage. I love how it frames the house in luscious greens. And I love the sprawling ranch style – so very late 50s and SO lovely!

Thank you, Mel. You can experience more of Mel’s world at her blog: Ephemeraology

  1. Amy Hill says:

    We are renting a condo at Tybee Beach & taking my adult children. We will be touring Savanah, eating seafood and visiting Paula Deen’s “Lady & Sons”. We’re also going to take the Ghost Tour & cruise a few pubs, There are several within walking distance of the condo. I’m also looking forward to long walks on the beach. It will be a blast!

    On the homefront, DH & I are also painting all the rooms in the little house Cottage White and freshening up the place, banishing the gloom!

  2. Jana (Berniecat) says:

    I’m making my annual visit to my aunts, uncles and cousins in Indiana. This year is a bittersweet visit because the number of Aunts, Uncles and cousins has diminished by one because my Aunt Mary had passed away earlier this year. I have made this vacation visit each year for the last 21 years. Sometimes my sister (who lives in Idaho) meets me in Ft. Wayne and we have a wonderful visit with our relatives. One tradition that my sister and my Aunt Jane and I continue each year is to drive by and take pictures of my sister’s and I childhood home — a mid century “modest” house in Ft. Wayne, Indiana built in 1949. We make time to drive by and take pictures of it each year documenting all of the changes and all of the details that stay the same. One year my sister went up to the current owners and introduced herself and told them that was the house she grew up in. She was invited in and got the “grand tour”. (I was not with her at the time and I still don’t have the courage to do that on my own). A couple of years ago, my sister and I made the drive to the old neighborhood by ourselves and we had the delight of stopping and talked with one of our old neighbors who was one of our mother’s old friends. She and her husband remembered my sister and I as children and we caught up on old times. (I was 7 and my sister 12 when we moved). She and her husband were one of two of the neighbors who still lived in our old neighborhood from when we were there in 1964. It is comforting that when we drive through our old neighbohood, not much has really changed and many of the houses still look almost the same as when we moved away in 1964. My sister and I lovingly call our old neighborhood “the land that time forgot” and look forward to our annual visit.

  3. Jana (Berniecat) says:

    P.S. That is why I have lovingly re created so many of the elements of my childhood home in my own home. This summer I am working on the guest bath and this will be the final “retro redo” room . 🙂

  4. Susan Moran says:

    Yard work, yard work, yard work! It is literally like a jungle back there. We’re hoping to have a wonderful mid century oasis back there by next Summer!

  5. ELK says:

    My family of four is going to Crystal Cove just south of Newport Beach in the O.C.

    Its where they filmed the beach cottage scenes for “Beaches” with all the super adorable teal blue wainscoting. The land was gifted by an Irvine heir to the State of California so now its a state park. it is the most relaxing place ever! I can’t wait for August to arrive! I am also planning a daytime side trip north through L.A. to see the Gainey seconds room and maybe just maybe a swing by the Bauer plant.

  6. Becky says:

    The Hubs and I are getting ready for the arrival of a baby boy!! While my energy and motivation last, we are finishing the walk up attic in our 1951 cape to use as a nursery. However, as I look down at my suddenly GINORMOUS feet… I fear he will be flying solo very soon.

    When I’m not playing general contractor, I continue the MAD flea market, garage and estate sale circut searching out my lastest obsession- Oneida “Twin Star” flatware and Francsican “Del Mar” dishes. It has been a really successful spring for this particular quest!!

    Enjoy your summer everyone- and treasure your teeny-tiny feet!!

  7. Jacky Bartlett says:

    Because she’s no longer able to live alone, my 90 year old mother is having to sell the house that my dad built in the late ’60’s. I am spending every spare moment getting the house ready to list with Realtor. I would absolutely love to have a collage of her house done by Mel to give to my mother!

  8. Linda S says:

    We’re staying home this summer. We recently bought a 1957 Medallion home, fortunately there has not been a lot of updating, but there is work that we need to do, updating electrical and plumbing. We’re the second owners and will be working on the house this summer.

  9. Wendy says:

    We are going to spend the summer swimming in our pool and enjoying the fruit of our labor over the last year and a half. We purchased an as-is estate home from 1974 and have been hard at work restoring it inside and out to it’s original retro glory. We are currently working with an architect to find a way to add two new bedrooms to the house and still retain the 70s ranch feel of the house. We are very proud of the work to the exterior of the house and a collage commemorating that would be fantastic!

  10. midmod ms says:

    I had mine in May camping with my sister at Rialto Beach on the northern Washington coast. Beautiful rocky beach with sea stacks, eagles and piles of entire trees for driftwood. Oh, and tide pools with creatures. And a rain forest.

    My sister is a fan of Twilight, so we made a stop at Forks as well and played tourist.

  11. Marion Powell says:

    I must admit, Amy Kehoe’s vacation plans sound wonderful. Wish I wasn’t so far from N.H.
    Since I don’t have an old house, I’ll be refinishing some 50’s maple furniture. I’m also going to try to make shelves from maple pieces I took apart.

    I also want to do some research on old roses, the kind that actually have a fragrance.

    If Dh will take some time off, perhaps a short trip may be in the cards.

  12. Jim says:

    Headed to Legoland with my wife and three year old after July 4th. The rest of the summer will be spent fixing up our 1956 Eichler we bought about a year ago… Would love a collage since we are looking for art to hang on the walls!

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