Is it a room divider? Is it a pole lamp? Is it a display shelf? Yes!

mid century modern pole lamp room dividerThree consistently desirable accessories for many owners of mid century homes are pole lamps … room dividers … and display shelves. Well, clever reader Carin recently spotted — and nabbed — this interesting thingamabob that combines all three. It’s a room divider that installs like an adjustable, floor-to-ceiling pole lamp … It features working lights in one of the poles …. And has shelves to display tall vases, too. What a great piece. Carin writes:

We found this AMAZING room tension divider hidden in the corner of a crowded store.

mid century modern pole lamp room divider

The lighting globes are pristine and they work! Have not seen another one like it…a $45 STEAL.

I agree — a steal, Carin. There is nothing like scavenging the far, dusty reaches of thrift shops, vintage stores, estate sales and salvage places. Take your wet naps, a flashlight and lots of patience with you, people, and the Retro Decorating Gods will restore you in due course.

Thank you for sharing, Carin. I was particularly interested in seeing the complete unit — including how the pole installed at the ceiling, so I really appreciate your working with me to get these photos. With so many folks working very hard to conserve their money these days, I was thinking this design would be pretty straightforward to recreate, if you are handy. Once things settle down around my house, I might give this a try myself. This unit is particularly versatile because of its size, the integrated lighting and even those shelves.

Hey, I’d suggest something sticky, though — Poster Putty? — on the bottom of the vases. One tipsy bump and bye bye, Blenko! Also, be sure to have a professional check the wiring on anything vintage.


  1. hannah says:

    Truly unique and wonderful piece of MCM you found there! I love it! And yes, now I want one too. lol I’ve never seen such a thing.

    When I saw the vases on the little shelves I thought, “Oh no, I can’t do that!” (cats) and thought those little perches would be great for THEM to sit on. Then I read further about Quake Hold….never heard of it, but will be looking for it. I have a few pieces I won’t put out in the LR because of the cats. That’s great to know about. Where do you find it? Lowes, Home Depot?

  2. retroppo says:

    WOW, I’ll pop that one in the memory banks, it’s awesome!!!! …& “Quakehold* *Posterputty* never heard of it but need it badly, where do you purchase it? Sadly one of my ceramic dishes got broken from the kids throwing cushions! 😉 x

  3. Ann-Marie Meyers says:

    Back in the ’60’s my dad made a metal pipe triple bunk bed with a pole lamp wired into the pipes for reading lamps for my sisters and me. I wish I had a picture of it. It was actually pretty cool. The middle bunk stuck out at a perpendicular angle to the top and bottom bunk.
    I got the top bunk, and I only fell out a couple of times, hitting my sister Ginny in the middle bunk on the way down to the floor. I usually took my mattress with me, so I didn’t get too badly hurt. Too bad I wasn’t stuck down with museum putty.
    Life was always interesting at our house.

  4. Ann-Marie Meyers says:

    I’d write a book, Pam, but my mother has chosen the selective memory option, and swears none of the bad or dangerous stuff never really happened to us and I am making it all up.
    I wonder what would happen if I used a pseudonym and called it fiction? I can make it all sound terribly funny. What other kids can you think of from the 60’s who would tell their parents they would rather have new carpeting in the family room than a color TV?

  5. Judy Anne French says:

    Love it!!! I’m looking for something of similar design esthetic, but more substantial because I have a collection of v-pottery to display that I wouldn’t want to trust to a tension mount. Searching Eames era room divider shelves and such and seem to be narrowing in somewhat.

    Plan also to consider designing my own and having it built because I don’t have the tools, but have a pretty clear image of what I want. Would prefer vintage though.

    Your site is very cool!!!

  6. Judy says:

    Hi Pam Y’all, Do you know who the manufacturer of your room divider is? I’ve been searching online for weeks for one with that basic style, but which would accomodate my own display needs. That’s how I found your site!

    It would be a great cat climber, but that’s one reason I don’t have a cat at the moment.

    I grew up in Byram/Greenwitch Ct and saw some amazing homes/decor back in the 60S….

    I’ll definitely invest in the QuakeHold, thx.

  7. Joy Baker says:

    Hey You!!! I am ready to buy this item for 45.00 of course how do i buy it!!! Thank you thank you thank you joy california blonde

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