kitchen holder in knotty pine kitchenOkay, what is it? Kate McKinnon, recently profiled for her discovered undercabinet lighting, writes to inquire about this mysterious oddity: 

knotty pine kitchen with weird holderHi, Pam!

My friend Suzanne just moved into a 1956 house in Monterey, California, and she has a gorgeous knotty pine kitchen. It seems handmade to me; not all of the doors fit properly and it’s got some gaps and custom touches. It’s charming as could be, and she loves it.

We can’t figure out what this setup on the inside of one of the lower cabinet doors is for, though, and thought we’d see what you had to say. The kitchen has most of the expected gadgets installed- the jar opener, the towel holder, you know. The good stuff. So this is probably something along the same lines.

I don’t think the plastic thing is related to the screw hanger and loop, but I’m curious about all three.

The plastic thingie has a variety of holes, reminiscent of a screwdriver holder, but the holes are too small for tools. What could it be for?

I suspect the screw and loop held a whisk broom and dustpan (with the pan upside down). What do you think all of this is?


Kate McKinnon

I am going to guess it has something to do with holding used plastic grocery bags. But I say that with no conviction. Surely someone will know this one in a heartbeat.

And, you can keep up with Kate on her blog here.

  1. Jasmine says:

    I dont want to say the person above is wrong, stating Mystery solved. However, my grandma had something that looked like this and she had fondue crap in it. Its hard to be sure withour knowing the size of the holes, and my grandmas had less small holes, I think. I remember Fondue sticks, you give your guests in the left. The candle smiter in the middle(thingy to put out candles) and a big metal whisk on the right. Not sure that was what it was made for but that was what she had in it.

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