10 years since 9/11. We still grieve for those lost, and for their families, friends and loved ones. Such a somber day. What to say. Coincidentally — but there are no coincidences, since we find what we seek — I found this video, posted by my amazing nephew on FB, made as a Spanish class project in his high school. It makes me so happy and hopeful to see these students — our next generation — choose to embrace and celebrate liberty and community.

Moreover — this video introduced me to K’naan and his song, Wavin’ Flag. Above: His original version — the original lyrics, which relate to his experience growing up in Mogadishu, Somalia, for sure illustrate the contrast between freedom and not-.
The song is so resonant, it has spawned several versions. Coca-Cola did a version with K’naan for the 2010 World Cup. Then, there was a version also including Spanish (the same one used in the first video, above.)

This third video is the version of Wavin’ Flag created by artists in Canada in response to the devastating earthquake in Haiti also is rivetingTurn up the volume. Rock on.

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