Unusual plastic window shades in 1961 midcentury modern bathroom

retro plastic window shadesThese vintage plastic window shades, which seem to be original to Todd’s 1961 house — are fabulous. They appear to be basket-weave plastic, on a track like a shower door, but accordian-style. I’ve never seen them before. Does anyone else have them? Does anyone know about them? Yum. Todd writes:

Does anyone know where I can get these types of plastic shades? Our house was built in 1961, its a mid century modern, and only 3 windows left have these as the previous owners junked all the rest (as we found pieces of them here and there in the back yard).

  1. pam kueber says:

    UPDATE: I am closing the comments on this story, as basically what we keep getting is people trying to buy and sell on this comment thread. I really don’t want buying and selling via these comments, or it becomes chaos. Folks, I would recommend that if you have these to sell: Post them to craigslist or ebay. Buyers: Look there. Good luck, all!

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