Pete’s 1964 Shasta trailer — an Astroflyte — a gorgeous restoration

Since pretty much Day #1 of this blog, readers have been hocking me to write about restoring vintage travel trailers. Just like remodeling a midcentury house, right? Except all the rooms — kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom — are all crammed into one small space, on wheels, and you get to go on vacation in it.

shasta trailer restored interior So here I am, finally, with a story — and it’s a fabulous one: Reader Pete shows us his 1964 Shasta Astroflyte travel trailer, which he gut-renovated inside and out. Wow, you must admit this baby has the va va voom goin’ on! Click on through to read Pete’s story…and to get to links of more photos chronicling the entire restoration process.
Shasta interior restoredPete writes:
Hi Pam,
About five years ago we (wife Cindy, daughter Charlotte and Lane) were in the North Georgia mountains near Clayton, Ga., and I saw this strange looking trailer parked in the Walmart parking lot. It had large silver wings on the back, and I thought it looked awesome. Being a fan of late 50’s early 60’s cars with fins (I have a 1961 Comet) I did a u-turn in the street and pulled into the Walmart to take a look. It was an early 60’s Shasta Airflyte. After marveling over it, my wife and I decided that one day we would get one of these.
pete working on the shasta trailerAfter doing months of research on all types of vintage trailers, we decided that we had to have a Shasta with wings, so we found one on Craigslist in Virginia. It was not an Airflyte but a 1964 Astroflyte, which is just like the Airflyte but it has a cabover to sleep two more people, which we needed with our family of four. Living in Atlanta I didn’t go up to Virginia to look at it (mistake), but had it shipped down. I knew that it would be a restoration and would be in rough shape, but when the courior pulled up to the house and we walked in the trailer, we were horrified. It was totally trashed. Dead mice on the floor, infested with ants, and the biting stink bugs were all over the place. It stunk like nothing else and rotted wood was everywhere.
Renovation in progress. Look familiar to RR readers?

I thought, “I just spent $1,200 on this.” We talked about selling it, but I decided to give a restoration a try. I’m a mechanic at Delta Air Lines and like working of things, but I’ve never restored anything of this magnitude. I worked on the weekend shift, so I had four days off during to week to work on it. A year and a half and $6,000 later it was all finished as of June of this year.

shasta astroflyteWe have camped in the North Georgia state parks about six times and LOVE the trailer.  It really gets a lot of attention, and it is great, inexpensive activity to bring the family together. On Wednesday we take our longest trip yet to Disney World Fort Wilderness and are really looking forward to it.
Shasta Astroflyte 1964
The Shasta Astroflyte all set up at Disney World Fort Wilderness. Don’t try to tell me you don’t Wish You Were Here!

[Update: Photo live from Disney World, provided Friday, above. – Pam]

Restoring this trailer is the best decision we have made. It’s not perfect and I make plenty of mistakes but we enjoy it. I received a lot of help from the internet, especially Repairing Yesterday Travel Trailers.

Congoleum vinyl-type tile

Thanks to YOU for giving me the flooring idea [slubby retro Congoleum tiles] !

1964 Shasta Astroflyte restoration
What an amazing job, Pete — thank you. And I have to say, this is yet another example of: Disasters make for better stories. I love, also, how you talk about how the trailer brings the family together. It’s those trips in the vintage trailer that the girls will remember — not more toys.

How many readers have a dream to buy and restore a vintage travel trailer? (Me!)
Or do you have one already?

  1. Joan Barbour says:

    My family had a 16’ Shasta (model?) and I LOVED going camping!! My 6 yrs older sister hated it but Mom, Dad and I would have gone every weekend but they had to accommodate my sister, too!! I would love to get one again for me, myself and the grandkids!!

  2. Jack says:

    I have a really nice, 1961 Shasta Astrodome in good shape — with its original wings, and much more. Currently parked in RI, it’s been in my family since 1962, Wonderful memories reside with it.

    1. Joy Milford says:

      I recently started a renov on a 61 Astrodome. Do you have picts of yours to share? Would love to see an original..

  3. Cindy Romm says:

    We had one of these when I was a teenager. I loved this trailer. My older sister and I shared the overcab. There was also a gas lamp inside that we used on the many occassions that my Dad would take us to “less populated” camping areas. I didn’t see it in the pictures. Also there was a lower cleat on the wall that the table hooked to when you made the dinette into a bed.
    Mom’s answers to the emergency midnight bathroom run in bear country, was a three pound coffee can with a snap on lid. Dad didn’t want one with indoor ‘facilities’. lol
    Mom put a curtain rod up in the back that blocked off the sofa bed area for ‘parental privacy’and hung short cafe cutains in the over cab. There was also a ladder for the overcab that stored as a railing to keep people from falling out. Such great fun!
    Dad said it was easy to pull. I have been looking for one of these. Congratulations on a great find! Some of my best memories involve this camper! May your family be as blessed as mine was! Happy trailering!

    1. CarolynSue Harris says:

      How Beautiful sure gave me happy ideas for my little Beauty which I thought was a cute little 73 or 74 Nomad fifth wheel and I read on the cabinet door that it’s a 1986 Nomad fifth wheel. I’m not sure. Any how I’m wanting to remodel it and I am gathering ideas, I love your input about the ladder and how it doubled as the bed railing. Sincerely Thank You,,, CarolynSue Harris

      1. Pam Kueber says:

        Hi CarolynSue, be reminded to get with professionals when it comes to things like bed railings.

  4. Ron Graham says:

    Did you install a “hidden” air conditioning unit?
    I recently purchased a ’65 Arrow Little Chief & trying to fiqure out a way to get it air condioned.
    Ron, in NC

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Hi Ron, this is not a DIY or fixit site per se. However, Ron provided a link to a group that might be able to help – links are in bold blue. Good luck, and be sure to Renovate Safe!

    2. Bill says:

      I grew up camping in a 64 Astroflyte. We finally sold it to a friend of the family in 1998. I recall my dad bringing it home before our many journeys. Each time prior to departure the boys would Simonize the exterior and girls would clean the interior wood with oil soap. Great memories.

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