Gorgeous vintage Ventahood in stunning Seattle midcentury modern house

midcentury modern kitchenI bumped into this 1958 kitchen over on our Forum, which helps readers buy and sell vintage steel kitchen cabinets and other salvage items to remodel their homes in authentic period style. Reader Nicole recently bought this single-owner, Seattle house. Alas, there is water damage to the cabinets. She is replacing them with a like design and selling this gorgeous vintage Ventahood exhaust fan. I initially contacted Nicole just to get more photos of the fan. But, crikey, she then also sent more photos of what proves to be a stunning house with stunning views to the Pacific. Mouse on down on for eight more photos and for a bit of Nicole and her husband Jeff’s story ->

midcentury modern house
Nicole says:

We just bought our house and are working on some renovations, but keeping it in line with the 1958 feel.  🙂

midcentury modern house foyer

We bought it from the original owners, and have all of the plans, can you believe it?! We were looking for a house with a view – plus open floor plan.

midcentury modern house

It was designed by Ralph Anderson, a famous Mid Century Modern architect in Seattle. We had lived in a bungalow and a tudor (both rehabs)…  We walked in and we fell in LOVE.  We had to have this house..

midcentury modern house bedroom

I’ve added photos of the house, and one of the kitchen photo is an AWESOME one of the ventahood!  😉

midcentury modern bathroom

We are not, unfortunately, (able to keep the kitchen) — some of it had water damage. But we are keeping the cabinets in the garage, and ordered the closest looking ones we could!


We have vintage chevron pulls that we got at the Re-Store and are keeping the sweet red lights. Plus, other vintage lights. The Ventahood (is for sale here): http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/app/2794818079.html

And the Oven (is for sale here): http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/app/2825017337.html

midcentury modern house bedroom

Let me know if you need anything else, and am thrilled to have you feature it!

view of ocean

It is a Beauty!!! 🙂

Thank you so much, Nicole, for sharing these photos. And thanks also to ImageArts Photography for making these photos available and giving me permission to use them here on the blog for our archive-of-great-houses; you do gorgeous work.

Now. Nicole: “It is a Beauty!!!” — even with three exclamation points and a happy face — seems like… the understatement of the year. Ummm, will you adopt me? Do I spy with my little eye: sliding doors in the foyer wallpapered with metallic wallpaper? DAGTH. I also adore the Arabesque tiles in sunroom (?) — Nicole says they are resilient. And what’s that wood on the back wall of the kitchen behind the dinette. As the New York Times said, you know we have an “…inexhaustible enthusiasm for the minutiae of home décor…”

I am so happy you are renovating in harmony with the home’s original style. Also, props for working to find a new home for the vintage pieces. Now that we have the “before” photos of your kitchen, we will be eagerly waiting for the “afters” to come soon. No pressure, dear.

One more thought, readers: When we talked recently about creating “timeless kitchens” the recommendation to do “medium-tone wood cabinets” came up. Here’s a great example of what I think, is a great piece of advice.

  1. Megan B. says:

    I drive by those houses (there are a few mid-cent pretties in the same area) and dream. Maybe someday…. Until then, I’ll continue to love the house I’m in. 🙂

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