Affordable craft room ideas — Using Ikea kids storage and Re-Store countertops

craft room ikea trofastmy crazy crafty office remodelYes, after endless research and second-guessing, I ended up using one of my first ideas — Ikea Trofast children’s storage shelves and bins — for the collage and crafts work space and storage that were a key addition to my office remodel.  Alas, my design is not an “epic” solution, and you know how I like the idea of being the epic-est. But: This set-up was cheap, cheerful, fast, functional and fit my space to a tee. It was destined to be. Read on for more about why I am super happy with this solution… and hey, I had my first Ikea cabinet assembly experience in 15 years! –>

craft room storage

  • The tipping point in my decision to go Ikea was when the countertops were delivered unto me cheap just when I was ready and needed to make a choice on storage. I spotted the countertops at Eco Building Bargains, a Re-Store like place in Springfield, Mass. The top counter is 9.5′ long — yes, that’s nine feet+, and it is 20″ deep — not 24″, like most kitchen countertops. The second counter, which I use as a shelf on the second step of the Trofast, is a full 7′ wide, also 20″ deep. The reason I love the depth of these countertops is that the Trofasts are only 18″ deep — so the tops fit nicely. Also, their being a little more compact makes my office, which is only 9′ wide, feel more spacious. I do lose some working space but, heck — I have 9’5 feet of countertop to work on! The countertops were $30 and $20 each. They have a Herman Miller sticker on them. They are Herman Miller office countertops! They are laminate — kind of a birchy woodgrain, just the kind of light woodsy countertop I wanted to introduce.


  • Yes, the countertops are sagging toward the middle. I bought these brackets to install to add support. I now need to finish this. When I do, I may nudge the whole unit a bit to the right. We’ll see.
ikea trofast for craft room storage

  • Once I had these countertops in hand, I went right to the Trofasts. Not only were the Trofasts the right depth, but they also were the perfect height — just under 37″. Together with the countertop, the workspace is just over 38″ high — and hits just below my built-in shelves. That is a perfect standing-working height for me.
sunbeam appliance center

  • The combined pieces also hit just below my amazing, NOS Sunbeam Appliance Center. Finally, after all those years in a box — In A Box — it now is serving its purpose in life — gloriously!!!! As you can see, we hooked it up — the electrical inspector let us. I don’t think I will ever use the plugs, but the light works. That’s the original light — like, 50+ years old! I swear, they Do Not Make Things Like They Used To. It is a crying shame. It is worse than a crying shame. It is a crime against the bounty of the earth, it is really bad.
ikea trofast for craft room storage
  • Of course, the white Ikea Trofast unit fit the design of my room perfectly: All that 1960s brite white against the crazy patchwork quilt walls. There were four colors of drawers available — white, lime green, red and blue. The white and lime green also were perfect. I have 2/3 white, 1/3 green. No detail is too small for me to consider!
craft room shelvesikea trofast frame
  • Was it hard to assemble the Ikea cabinets? No. It was very easy. It was kind of fun to try and decipher the cartoon character instructions.
  • Do I like the quality of the Ikea cabinets? You get what you pay for. Each Ikea Trofast frame was $50. Each bin was $3. The two Ikea Trofasts with bins cost me $172 plus shipping — which was, ouch!,  $90, but I understand why — these were big boxes. Add the cost of the countertops and brackets and I’m in for $240: For 9.5 running feet of work space at the exact right height… for 24 binds for storage… and for another 7 feet of undercounter storage. The other idea I was looking at — an industrial workbench with a thick butcher block top — was going to cost $1,049 delivered, with no bins or shelves. It was super cool. But my Ikea solution — got the job done more completely and easily — and looks smashing.


Why don’t I show the rest of the room? Ummm, that’s not done yet. I’m thinking about it. It may be epic. But then again, it may be close enough.

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    1. Pam Kueber says:

      I’d say yes — but as you can see from the photos, bracket support toward the center would be wise!

  1. Tracy says:

    Pam I know this postis 6 years old but maybe you will see this someday 🙂 I am so happy I came across your blog while googling “Ikea craft rooms”. I have 2 wooden trofast units just sitting in my cellar collecting dust. They were used for many years by my son in his bedroom for toy and Lego storage. When the teen years hit, out went th trofasts. But they are solid wood and still in great shape. I tried giving them away but noone wanted them. So down the cellar they went. I was honestly tinking of bringing them to the Salvaton Amry store next week when we do the Big basemnet purge. But instead I ahve plans for the hubs to haul them up to my craft room!!! YAY! Thanks again so much for the great idea!

  2. Amy says:

    I’m so glad I found this on Pinterest! I have a tiny work room and already have one of these Ikea storage but I need more storage so I was going to buy another, and now adding the worktop on them means I dont have to buy a desk to take up more space! Perfect! Thank you for sharing this!

  3. Mona Lisa says:

    OMG… I LOVE WHAT YOU BUILT,,,,! if ok I’m going to copy it for my craft room…just perfect. Glad I happened upon your pics. Thank you

  4. JefferyK says:

    Are the countertops pushed flush against the back wall? If so, an option to brackets would be to attach a rail to the wall, half-inch thick or so. Doesn’t have to be super long as long as it supports the center of the countertop. Just an idea. I find dealing with brackets a pain.

    1. lynda says:

      Yes, I agree, and it would be a tidier look. Without the brackets, you would not mar the underside of the counter.

  5. Laurie V says:

    Ooo, maybe some groovy brown, gold & orange shag carpeting to go in there, or would that be a bit much… My mother thought it went in our Livingroom really well, for 20 someodd years… my mother was wrong. lol

  6. Chris says:

    This is just wonderful! You are inspiring me to finally finish my kitchen. The thrill of seeing a finished project is so uplifting!

    I know you will love working in your new space!

  7. Jason says:

    Oh Pam, it looks so great – I can’t wait to see it all! You call it an office…I say it’s the RetroRenovation Showroom!

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