NOS Sunbeam kitchen appliance Automatic Control Panel + 4 other designs I’ve spotted

Sunbeam Control PanelJust spotted for sale today on ebay: This Sunbeam Automatic Control Panel — New Old Stock. I see these in-wall appliance centers very rarely on ebay — this might be only the third in five years. These control panels were typically recessed into the kitchen backsplash — with multiple plugs for plugging in small kitchen appliances. This one also has a clock — cool!

Sunbeam Appliance Center Control PanelWhat a treasure to find this New Old Stock woddity. This is the fifth vintage Appliance Center design I’ve seen and featured on the blog. In all, I’ve now seen three Sunbeams and two Westinghouses. Here are the four others — and click on through to see the ebay listing, if you are in the market: 

Sunbeam Appliance Center

Are you interested in snapping up this NOS puppy? Here is the listing:

Please note: Even NOS should be checked by a professional to ensure wiring is safe or needs to be replaced. Consult with a pro!

sunbeam appliance control panel cabinet installation
sunbeam control panel surface installation

  1. Sue Knight says:

    We have purchased a lake house with two NOS Sunbeam kitchen appliance Automatic Control Panels as shown on your website. They work well (except you cannot put a 3 prong plug in them). We are updating the kitchen and would like to sell these to help with the costs of the remodel. Any idea what we should post for on eBay?
    Thank you!

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Hi Sue, I don’t do valuations. You should be able to find historic pricing on ebay. Also, NOS stands for New Old Stock. So if yours were installed, they are not NOS. Good luck.

  2. Jan Wood says:

    I am interested in replacing the automatic Sunbeam Control Panel that has been in our home since 1961. It is identical to the one you have pictured. Please advise how I can purchase it.

  3. IowaJoyce says:

    Wow, am I a lucky homeowner! Westinghouse Appliance Center, Puritron Wishing Wall (holds hand mixer, electric knife) with 2- 2 pronged outlets, Nutone fan/lights stove ventilation, Westinghouse Avocado built in oven, PLUS Nutron built-in radio/phonograph, which is wired to speakers throughout the 1949 Contractor’s home (best and latest!) Oh, meant to mention the intercom – also wired throughout the house, including a speaker by the front doorbell. Each and all works (kinda-sorta); sure am at a loss on where to seek replacement parts…

  4. Rebecca says:

    very cool! Wish I had one to plug my vintage toaster and espresso maker into!
    I giggled as I scrolled down to see the ad for “The College of Advanced Technology!”

  5. Jason says:

    Hello……a while ago, I purchased an NOS 1959 Westinghouse Appliance Center on Ebay. There is a metal box that mounts inside the wall that the main wire comes into, then attaches to three connectors at the rear of the outer panel. There are 4 3-hole grounded plugs with circuit breakers and a Timer in the center…but no clock. The timer is mechanical…not electrical. The wall box mounts between two studs, so finding the right place for it might be difficult. The wires appear to be sufficient, but I have not had an electrician rule on code-worthyness as yet. All of the original paperwork came with it and I also have a catalog page with it.

    I suppsoe that today, one would just have a 4 outlet box installed. How boring!

  6. Dan says:

    We have one of these! And it’s been a real lifesaver, as our 1954 rambler was not equipped with sufficient “house power” (a utility marketing term from that era meaning having enough outlets and circuits) to support any sort of kitchen appliance load.

    As for the lack of grounding: all of our wiring is Romex (yay!), but two-wire (boo!). When we replaced the fuse panel with a breaker box, our electrician used GFI breakers on all non-lighting circuits, so we were able to replace all two-prong outlets with three prong. We did the same thing when installing the power center.

  7. Martha says:

    I know next to nothing about electricity, so forgive me if this is a stupid question. I notice the outlets have only two prongs. Can you really install these things and have them up to code? I really like the fact that you can plug in that many table top appliances, and especially the one with the clock. But can they really be used today?

      1. trip says:

        Yes you can install them, the only items that can be plugged in would be toaster, small lamps, etc. For 3 prong items use standard 3 prong outlets. You can get a 3 prong adapter that fits into a 2 prong but on an item like this it is NOT recommended. This item was ONLY made for 2 prong plugs.

        1. pam kueber says:

          Candace, we don’t do valuations here. I don’t see them for sale very often. Be aware: Old products like this may not be to current code – get with your own properly licensed professional to assess what you are working with so you can make informed decisions.

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