Another delicious vintage system by Sunbeam to organize your appliances

Longtime readers will recall my fixation with 50s and 60s electric plug-in devices to organize all the wonderful wife-saving appliances on the top of your kitchen countertop. Remember these previous posts?:

This time around — a whole cabinet! Yummy! Anyone have one of these, I wanna see it live! Image: Vintage Sunbeam.

Source: American Home, April 1959.
Source: American Home, April 1959.


  1. Joe Felice says:

    Does anyone remember the Ronson Can-Do from 1960? It was a really-cool little device that opened cans, cut things, sharpened knives, mixed batter and whipped eggs. All you had to do is change the attachment. And it came with a nifty caddy to hang it on the wall with all the accessories. We had one that I kept for about 20 years. Not realizing how-cool it was, I got rid of it, and am now kicking myself. We also had the Ronson candles that you filled with butane, and could adjust the height of the flame by turning the neck. I know my mom still had those when she died.

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