Rare 1964 vintage bathroom sinks and faucets from Truman Newberry house

vintage bathroom sink faucetAnother inventive midcentury bathroom product — a wonderful oddity — to jones over today: A lovely pair of 1960s American Standard sinks with yummy push-pull faucets. I wanna push-pull faucet!  Many thanks to the seller, who gave me permission to feature these photos for our woddity archive. Oh — and snap ’em up, somebody: These are for sale on craigslist in Raleigh, North Carolina [link now expired].  These sinks also have provenance, the listing says:

Two American-Standard 1960s unique sinks with Push-Pull faucets in excellent condition. These are vintage yet contemporary sinks installed by modern architect Truman Newberry in his 1964 personal house in Raleigh, NC. They are in perfect working order and come with their original metal sink frames and stoppers. These are a rare find!

  1. Marion says:

    Well never count out the magic of eBay and Etsy. I found a never installed faucet just like this, and about a month later a used one with the cool faceted lucite handle. That one needed some TLC but it’s installed now and is working perfectly. I’d be happy to share photos but can’t figure out how to do that!

  2. Carl Howard says:

    I have a constant drip in my 1964 American Standard push pull sink faucet. Is there anyone that can help me without pulling the sink apart. Old home hard to get to the nuts and bolts. ?

  3. Pam Kueber says:

    deabath.com is my go-to source, not sure how much they know about A-S, though… give them a try…. good luck!

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