A vintage 1956 English Rose kitchen – including REVO oven

Ah, what a treat this is: An English Rose kitchen —  believed to be installed in 1956 — and including an amazing freestanding REVO oven — for sale on ebay in the U.K. Thank you, so much, reader KatieP, for the tip — you have a fantastic eye! And thanks to seller Chris for permission to capture all these photos for historical reference! While I have done several stories on English Rose kitchens, I have never seen and did not know that there was a matching oven. And that it is amazing looking!  I believe they were the most popular brand sold in Britain after World War II. I will include all the links to my story about English Rose cabinets at the end. Meanwhile, enjoy these photos, used with permission of the ebay seller.

For sale on ebay through approx. Aug. 15

[sale long over, link now broken]

According to the seller:

This English Rose kitchen consists of the following:
1 off Double Sink Unit 84″ Wide x 22″ Depth x 36″ Height
1 off Floor Cabinet with built in electric hob. 42″ Wide x 22″ Depth x 36″ Height
1 off 42″ Wide Cooker Hood
1 off English Rose – REVO Free Standing Oven, Grill, warming drawer, and storage cupboard  – this also controls the 4 electric hobs and still in working order. 66″ Height x 25″ Wide x 24″ Depth
2 off Floor Cabinets 21″ Wide x 22″ Depth x 36″ Height
1 off 7″ Floor Cabinet Filler
2 off Corner Units – Each back ledge = 27″ Height 36″
2 off Wall Cupboards 21″ Wide x 12″ Depth x 24″ Height
1 off Wall Cupboard Unit (3 Cupboards) Overall Size 63″ Wide x 12″ Height x 12″ Depth plus 1 6″ Filler
1 off Wall Cupboard Unit (4 Cupboards) 84″ Wide x 12″ Depth x 24″ Height
1 off Wall Cupboard Unit (4 Cupboards) 63″ Wide x 12″ Depth x 12″ height

The kitchen has now been removed so is ready for collection at any time to suit the buyer.

Overall the kitchen is in good condition for its age, so is perfect for restoration.

My other stories about English Rose cabinets:

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  1. Ondrea says:

    I’ve pictures of our English Rose Kitchen project and finished kitchen if you would interested to find outhe more please let me know.

  2. Tina says:


    Do you still have the 1956 English Rose kitchen cabinet set for sale? If so, would you please contact me.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    1. pam kueber says:

      Tina, I do not sell anything here. The stories on the blog are about products available out in the world. In the case of English Rose cabinets, I have only ever heard of those having been used in the U.K.

  3. Joe Felice says:

    I like the twist the English put on our MCM look. But am I the only one who thinks these cabinets make the kitchen look like an airplane restroom?

    1. pam kueber says:

      Interestingly, the factory in which they were made built Spitfires during the war…. they certainly have that streamline moderne look — which is meant to look like a freight train, or a steamliner, in motion….

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