John Lewis of Hungerford reproduction English Rose cabinets

retro style metal kitchen cabinets creme de la creme

The discovery of vintage English Rose cabinets, covered in a recent post, was great. But get this: A company in England is actually reproducing these for sale today — although in a wood- or wood-type material. John Lewis of Hungerford’s Creme de la Creme cabinets look to be authentic reproductions. An article from two years ago, says that a mid-sized kitchen redo would cost about 15,000 pounds – that’s about $30,000 in U.S. dollars today – not including shipping and any inflation that may have taken place.  Here is their website.

retro style metal kitchen cabinets creme de la cremeSo…if you are wealthy enough and have the desire — here’s another alternative to the new St. Charles’ coming out this month. Or – go vintage and keep your eye on the Postwar Steel Forum on upper right of the nav bar here.

  1. The reproductions would be more appealing if that company ever, once, in it’s marketing material, acknowledged that the design is a reproduction instead of some fey comment about the owner’s vague recollections of a childhood holiday let. Clearly it is a reproduction of a British classic. Why can’t they just say so. Anyone wanting the real thing – it’s still available. Most of ours came out of skips and we renovated ourselves. But we were greatly helped with the necessary bits and pieces to join it together by the friendly chaps at Source in Bath http://www.source-antiques.co.uk/kitchens/ t.x

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