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Are you in the market for a mid century style sofa, chair or ottoman? The new Avenue 62 line from Younger Furniture might have just what you’re looking for — and here on Retro Renovation we have an exclusive sneak preview of all 16 new designs.  This stunning new line of vintage inspired furniture line will be introduced to retailers at High Point next month (October 2012), and will arrive in stores by December.

mid century sectional harper sectional younger furnitureYounger Furniture first appeared on Pam’s radar when she wrote the story about the mid century wall panels that Dave made for his living room, and a reader commented to ask where Dave got his sofa and chairs. Pam dove into research and wrote a number of stories about this great looking furniture, including in the super popular 28 places to shop for an affordable mid century modern style sofa. She connected with Meredith Younger Spell, President of Younger Furniture. And when Meredith contacted us to ask if we would like to feature an exclusive sneak peek at the new Avenue 62 sneak preview on Retro Renovation, we jumped on the opportunity. You know how Pam lives for her Breaking News.

mid century furniture

For this story, Meredith provided wonderful background about Younger Furniture and about the development of their new Avenue 62 line:

MeredithYounger and dad
The retro pose: Meredith Younger Spell with dad Mike  Younger, back in the day. 🙂

If you would have told me when I was 15 years old and started working in the factory in the summer that I would be president of Younger Furniture one day, I would not have believed you.  When I decided to give working for my Dad a try when I was 25 years old, I never would have thought I would fall in love with the business and with this industry the way I have.   Life is full of surprises! 

Sometime last year I was brainstorming ideas and thinking and planning as I do constantly, and I had a moment: We need something different, we need something original!  Something that defines Younger, gives us a voice and sets us apart. Who are we? What do we want people to think of when they think of Younger?  To answer this question, I began doing a ton of research.  Online and in books I started looking at furniture of every type and category, from every era, and from every country.  As I looked, I saved everything I “loved” or everything that really “spoke to me.”  I labeled the photos with my thoughts, they were things like… “LOVE”  “Retro in a good way”  “retro gone wrong”  “if this is wrong, I don’t want to be right”  “GENIUS”  “OBSESSED.”

A few years later, happy day.

When I had a whole stack, everything I had pulled was from the late 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s. Prime mid century. I loved the lines, the finishes, the fabrics, the wood, the angles, the ingenuity, the originality, the genius and the courage these styles had. They all said something! They made a statement that I heard.  They spoke to me, big time!

mid century sofa audrey sofa Younger FurnitureAvenue 62 is not retro collection per say. It is a collection that uses mid-century and everything it stood for as an inspiration, but reinterprets it, revives it and renews it for today’s modern customer.  To people of my generation (30 something and 40 something), this IS NEW! I had never seen lines and design like that until I started doing research on generations past. To people that were lucky enough to experience life in mid century America, this collection will remind them of “the good ole days.”  We want to introduce this definition of style to a new generation. These ideas and this collection have been very inspirational to both my father and me.  It was so funny that something I thought I was discovering on my own was such a huge part of my father’s past — and I didn’t even know it!  It really bonded us and solidified us as a team in this business. Avenue 62 is really a father and a daughter, one generation and the next generation, fusing mid century design with today. We can’t wait to share our vision!

mid century chair betty chair Younger FurnitureWe wondered — how did Meredith come up with the name for this new collection and when will it be available?

Avenue 62 is inspired by iconic mid century style, but reinterpreted, revived and renewed for today. I have named it “Avenue 62.”  This is a new and fresh direction for us, and it’s a new and fresh interpretation of mid century style… so its an “Avenue” for us. Then 2012-1950 = 62.

This collection will be introduced to retailers across the country at the International Home Furnishings Market in High Point, NC in October 2012 and will be arriving in stores by December.

mid century sofa dylan Younger FurnitureWow — what a great collection with an equally great back story — plus how fun are the names of the pieces in this collection. I always love to hear about a family business that prides itself on quality and good design — right here in the good old USA to boot! A gigantic thanks goes out to Meredith for sharing her story and allowing us to show you the sneak preview of the Avenue 62 line.

mid century lounge chair edie Younger Furnituremid century ottoman draper Younger Furniture

Those are quite the legs on the “Draper” ottoman above!

mid century armless sofa harper younger Furniture

Armless sofas like the “Harper” sofa above, are great for impromptu naps — plenty of room to stretch out.

mid century chair dean Younger Furnituremid century bench franny Younger Furnituremid century sofa harris Younger Furnituremid century ottoman ida Younger Furnituremid century jackie chair Younger Furnituremid century sofa lewis Younger Furniture

I’m really digging the lines of the legs on the “Lewis” sofa above. This curvy and sleek silhouette would fit perfectly into a mid century modern living room.

mid century rose chair Younger Furnituremid century sectional velvet Younger Furniture

The “Velvet” sectional above would feel at home in either a retro or a modern household.

mid century low chair trudy Younger Furniture

I love the boomerang style legs on the “Trudy” chair — it would look lovely with a vintage Heywood-Wakefield coffee table and end tables, don’t you think?

The great thing about this collection is its versatility: If you decorate in retro, mid century, modern or even a more traditional style — one of these pieces would surely fit right in in your living room or den. I can’t wait to see the range of upholstery colors and finishes available for these new styles will be available in. Harper sectional in orange??? Please!

Which design is your favorite readers?


  1. peggy herrick says:

    Meredith I LOVE it even though I lived with it This is great and I wish I were going to be at High point to see it but cannot… I am excited to start selling this Do you have new fabrics as well Congratulation well done You should be very proud of the Avenue 62 collection YEAH

  2. leslie from CT says:

    I love Younger, and bought a sectional and chair last year after seeing it in a few different furniture stores…mine is from a great store in New Haven CT, Fairhaven Furniture. My sister loved mine and saw their sofas at Danco Modern in MA, and I saw them at a cool store called Urban Elements in Newburyport MA too.
    They sit great, and I am glad we sat on the pieces while we shopped – that’s how we knew we liked Younger the best.
    Now that we have found them, we’ll move more into MCM -love it !

  3. vintigchik says:

    LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! I hope they have some of these in the traditional colors and loop style fabric so common of vintage pieces. I know companies try to put a “fresh” spin on things, but some of us just want something that looks like an original. I hope they do a little of both. We hope to buy a time capsule home in the next few years and I will definitely be looking at this company for my furniture! I am so glad someone has finally decided to cater to this niche market! THANKS!!

  4. hannah says:

    Meredith – thank you for stopping in and assuring us there will be uniquie and innovative fabric choices! This is what I grew up with on our Danish Modern sofa, only in cream and brown. I am still nostalgic for it all these years later. And as someone else mentioned, love the ‘tweedy’ fabrics they used to use.

  5. Panzyzz says:

    All of them!! Wish these would have been out last winter when I bought a sectional, which is not bad, but not my dream. LOVE these and can’t wait to see the fabrics. Wow!!

  6. Carole Rayes says:

    This exciting info came at just right time. I’m shopping for new sofa and perhaps a chair round the New Year. I LOVE Mid-Century! Grew up in the late 1940’s & 1950’s. Have recently considered Design Within Reach mid-century inspired furniture. Also Thrive. Absolutely thrilled i’ll have what looks to be even better choices. THANKS!

  7. Zoe says:

    Meredith, how I wish you would have had these a year ago! I bought two loveseats from Ethan Allen that are vaguely 1940s, early MCM in styling, and while they’re both comfortable and beautiful, they were *expensive*. Would have rather purchased one of the new pieces from Younger, especially as my cousin is one of your distributors in Michigan, so maybe I’ll find something for the family room in your new line. Wish I could sit on them in the store though — the problem is that no one around here has a big enough showroom to showcase enough of the Younger pieces, and not being able to sit on the sofa prior to ordering was a dealbreaker for me.

  8. Zoe says:

    Well, that’s a stretch. The Pearsall 2000 sofa has 4 back cushions instead of 3, the proportions (length:width ratio of each cushion) are different, and the legs are *completely* different. If designers (be they clothing or furniture or home accessories designers) had to pay every time they borrowed an idea (especially from a design which essentially has been in the public domain for over 50 years), the design industry would grind to a halt. It’s pretty hard to patent a “vibe” — in this case, the idea would be, “any sofa whose arms are bent at greater than a 90-degre angle from the body.” I think that would be a bit too broad.

  9. RetroJoe says:

    Well done Younger! Can’t wait to see in person. At first glance, my living room would be well complimented by 2 Dean chairs and the Harris sofa.

  10. Jamie D says:

    Sorry, Lynne, I missed your reply and only saw it now.

    I’m happy with our sectional. But we don’t have the curved piece – we have the chaise lounge at the end. I know the delivery guys had to really shove it together to get the sections to really “click” into place – perhaps yours isn’t fully clicked together?

    Granted, it hasn’t seen a lot of hard use yet either. Our living room isn’t totally finished and still needs paint and a big TV, so we don’t sit on it much yet. But it looks lovely and is very comfy so far.

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