Color for kitchen countertops — 7 new designs from Wilsonart

Go-Wavy-series_WilsonartContractLaminatesBaM pOw SpLaT! Wilsonart’s new line of colorful laminates in their Go Wavy series may be just the blast of color that your kitchen or bathroom countertop has been missing. Wilsonart says the series was specifically designed with urban dwellers in mind — to bring colors found in vegetables, fruits, landscapes and skies into concrete jungle interiors. But, we think these colors are good for our arsenal of  retro laminate countertop designs — no matter where you live. If you are looking for flower power colors — harvest gold or avocado green — or even classic 1950s candy apple red — these will be colors you want to check out.

According to Wilsonart senior designer Jill Lock:

Consumers can order “Go Wavy” laminate samples from Countertop.com.  Plus for your countertop needs, these laminates can be ordered through your local home center (Lowe’s and Home Depot special order catalog). You can find your local dealer here.

The wave pattern is a crossover in design elements: Popular trends in design are line and movement. The waves simulate a troweled wall texture. In Wilsonart High Pressure Laminate (HPL), the waves look equally great on horizontal tops or vertically in cabinetry.

https://retrorenovation.com/2012/06/12/flower-power-kitchen-and-bathroom-sinks-new-from-kohler-jonathan-adler/Hey — remember the Jonathan Adler colors just introduced by Kohler? We got us a Flower Power Revival goin’ on in American interior design. For sure.

Wilsonart-Laminate-Pomegranate4914-60 Pomegranate – deep natural red.

Wilsonart-Laminate-Eggplant4913-60 Eggplant – a rich aubergine, sophisticated and dramatic.

Wilsonart-Laminate-Tangerine4915-60 Tangerine – tangy orange, global and vibrant.

Wilsonart-laminate-sweetcorn4916-60 Sweet Corn – creamed yellow.

Wilsonart-Laminate-Sprout4918-60 Sprout – a mid value green; supports organic green seen in vegetables and melons. Hmmmm … and in AVOCADOS, perhaps?

Wilsonart-Laminate-kiwi4917-60 Kiwi – yellow-green with versatility; can be used as an accent or neutralized with woodgrains.

Wilsonart-Laminate-blueagave4919-60 Blue Agave – deep teal blue; a global color influence coming from India and Latin America.

I could picture several of these colors (specifically the pomegranate, tangerine and sweet corn) working in a retro kitchen with a 50’s, 60’s or 70’s vibe. The most exciting part of this new collection though, is that it gives us an island of laminate countertop color choices in an otherwise mostly Graveyard of the Atlantic sea of options.

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  1. Moxie says:

    Does anyone happen to know of a dealer in Canada? I checked out a couple of these sites, and there company is not in Canada. Also I didn;t see nay shipping options. I LOVE the red!!! If I could get this red my kitchen is 95% complete. I was going to marine paint the counter tops but formica is a more “retro” option.

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