Sculpted geometric tile for a mid century bathroom remodel

Graphical-art-deco-tile-American-universalDiscovering this 4″ x4″ Graphical Art Deco style tile from American Universal Corp. was a happy accident. Pam and I were on the phone discussing stories in the works, and I mentioned that I really needed to get back to working on my master bathroom remodel plan. We were chatting about the American Universal Corp. field tile, when she scrolled further down on the page and discovered this fun sculptural bathroom tile. She said that, tucked in her mental hard drive, she has a recollection of seeing similar sculpted tiles marked by Pomona Tiles in the late 1950s or 1960s. These tiles are very cool because you can arrange them to create a number of geometric patterns — but in a way that is sort of subtle because the tiles are all the same color.

sculpted tileThis Graphical Art Deco tile is available in the same pastel hues that the plain ceramic Brittany Misty ceramic tile series comes in — making it great for peppering some dimension into your next bathroom tile job. Even better — American Universal has a design creator tool to help you envision some of the different patters that you can make with this tile.


Love the idea of the Diamond Frames (above) but want to save more money? Just run the diamonds across the top…


Above: Diamond pattern arrangement.


Above: The Frame really says art deco to me.


Above: The Wave. How about a single Charlie Brown stripe hehe?

I called American Universal to request price information on this sculptural tile. All of the colors are priced the same — $3 per tile. As far as decorative tiles go, $3 per tile is not bad. See our other story about the coordinating 4″ x 4″ Brittany tiles — they are $8.95/s.f. Depending on the size of your bathroom and the amount of impact you wanted these tiles to have a lot of interest could be added for not a lot of money..

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  1. Oh I like. And I am planning a kitchen remodel (within 2 years). Okay, so it is long term planning. I have to resist, resist, resist the glass mosaic tiles everyone is using right now. Yes, they are cool and all sparkly glittery, but I swear, in 5 years, it will be like the granite counter tops and the stainless appliances…. you get my drift. Can’t we have a rant about glass mosaic tile? Am I wrong? 🙂

    1. Katie says:

      Why? Mosaic tile, especially glass mosaic, is pretty darn close to classic. It might not have been as common as 4 inch ceramic tile, but it was still used. My grandparents installed some *gorgeous* glass mosaic tile in their kitchen in the late 1960s.
      I agree that using mosaic tile in a very of the moment shade of green AND having granite tile AND stainless appliances could create a look that is very early 21st century. On the other hand, I don’t think that the glass mosaic tile, when used as part of a mid-century or classic kitchen, screams “This kitchen was redone in 2012”.

      1. Jacquie says:

        Thank you, Katie, for sticking up for us who used the glass mosaic tile. I wanted to do a lot of the work myself, when we moved in and the glass mosaic tiles were pretty easy and inexpensive to apply in my kitchen back-splash, and around the wall sink in my guest bath. The colors are really nice and they were easier for me to use and finish. I love 4 inch field tiles, too, don’t get me wrong. I just wanted to do the tile job myself and that gave me the option. I have seen pics on this site, I believe, of counter tops in older homes done in glass mosaic type tiles and I know that some of the readers, (I think Cindy) did her bathroom beautifully in these. They are a wonderful alternative to hiring someone to install tile one by one, and Pam has always been open minded about using what you like, and can afford. If you are handy, they are a nice looking, affordable option.

  2. tammyCA says:

    I second that about the Delta Elegance in turquoise when I saw it last night..I really like it…dynamic and has that vintage pottery look to it. You can even see a kind of starburst pattern in it.

  3. Pamela H. says:

    Beautiful tiles – wish I had known about this company prior to renovating my bathroom. However, I was taken by the Elegance Delta Series. The turquoise might be just what I need for a kitchen backsplash – it would hightlight my vintage turquoise California pottery collection.

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