Satin Glide metal bathroom vanity — vintage beauty spotted live in the wild, for sale

Satin-Glide-retro-bath-vanityBeing ever on the lookout for bits and pieces for my retro modern master bathroom remodel — I spend a lot of time hunting around on ebay. Imagine how thrilling it was to find this beautiful Satin Glide metal bath cabinet — complete with the coordinating mirror, cosmetic box and light combination. After picking my jaw up off the floor — I contacted the ebay seller — tjmoon — who kindly gave us permission to feature these photos.

You may recall, Pam added a 1963 catalog of Satin Glide vanities to her collection last year, and loaded the pages online as an archival reference. But now here is a good lookin’ Satin Glide with all the parts — spotted in the wild, in terrific shape. 🙂


In my email correspondence with the seller, tjmoon said:

from Pam’s catalog

I think the first place I saw pictures of this type of vanity was at your site. I bought this because I was hoping to put it into my late father’s 1950’s ranch. We need to do a complete bathroom remodel before we can sell the house, and I really thought my sister’s would love it. They however, had other ideas, thinking that the new owner’s, whoever they are, would not be so impressed. I beg to differ, but at least this way, if someone buys it off of ebay, they will really be sure they want it for their bathroom. They can also choose the paint color.

retro-mid-century-metal-bath-vanityWausau-Homes-bath-vanity-plaqueI think I am in love.

$250 Buy-It-Now for this bathing beauty.

Ames, Iowa.

If it weren’t a 12-hour round trip for me to get this vanity home, I would bid on it right away. Sooo lovely. There may be hope for me, though: After rereading Pam’s catalog, it appears that these bathroom vanities were also made right in my home state of Wisconsin. There must be many in homes in and around Wausau! Perhaps someday…

sliding-bath-vanity-retro-mirroredThe ebay listing description says that this vanity has had the paint stripped from the doors — although we are confused — it appears to us that the doors are clear glass. The steel box, the listing says, also is in need of an overall paint job. So, the lucky new owner of this cabinet can paint the vanity whatever color their heart desires. It would probably be best to track down a vintage sink first and then have the vanity painted to match — since the original sink and counter top are no longer around.

Even the with paint work required, you gotta admit that the chrome on this baby looks to be in beautiful shape.

retro-bath-vanity-mirror-with-cosmetic-boxThe cosmetic box appears to be in near perfect condition.

bath-vanity-with-sliding-door-cabinetsatin glide bathroom vanity light fixture

sliding-door-medicine-cabinet-retroAlso helpful to note, the measurements of this set, as provided in the listing:

Base cabinet is 31 inches tall, by 30 inches wide, and it sticks out from the wall 21 1/2 inches.
Medicine cabinet is 28 1/2 inches wide, by 9 inches tall, and sticks out from the wall 5 inches.
Mirror is 23 1/4 tall by 28 inches wide.   It fits into a little ledge on the medicine cabinet.
Light fixture is 28 inches wide, by 4 1/4 tall, and sticks out from the wall about 7 1/8 inches.

Sliding-door-cosmetics-cabinet-retroSatin-glide-bath-vanity-labelHopefully someone who truly appreciates this awesome cabinet will come and scoop it up… have it professionally repainted… and enjoy it for another 50+ years in its new retro bathroom remodel.

Thanks again to Ebay seller tjmoon for sharing these pictures with us.

  1. Joan says:

    Sorry to be late to the party. I have the cosmetic box in my bathroom. Never knew what it was until I was searching for it. Thanks for the info. I have followed your site for several years and love all of the info and pictures.

  2. Phil says:

    I’m somewhat glad this vanity isn’t in reasonable driving distance from Florida because, it would have totally changed my original idea for a vintage bathroom.

  3. Robert says:

    I have one of these vanities and the little medicine/cosmetic/mirror light ensemble in my apartment bathroom. On mine, they have changed the Formica (for lack of a better word) but in the apartment units where they have not had to change the Formica or counter top, the original counter top was the white with the gold or silver flecks in it. The door is colored as well and it is glass. My apartment building was built in 1964 in Omaha NE.

      1. Robert says:

        There is one issue with the mirror on the medicine chest part. From where it sits and the fact that it protrudes from the wall, there is always a toothpaste spittle as well as water droplets from when I splash my face from shaving. The choice is, clean it constantly or live with dots on the mirror.

        1. Rick S says:

          I do remember the cosmetic cabinet from parent’s house and the way theirs was installed was different. The bathroom was L shaped and the sink was in an area with a ceiling too low to be over the sink. The cabinet was installed on the wall to the right (at your elbow ) when standing at the sink. It was lower than it could be over a sink and us kids could get our toothpaste and brushes out and put them back. Mom was also able to use the top for all her stylish (60’s)knick-knacks.

          1. Robert says:

            My doors are two shades of the same color so somewhere along the line I would assume one broke and got replaced, as they are glass. I wonder where you would even go today to do that (find colored glass in the particular color like that). The one in the apartment next to mine is in perfect shape with matching doors and that white Formica with the silver specks going through it. I would assume that the original sink was one with a hoodie ring around it. None of us here have those; we have a drop in sink.

  4. TappanTrailerTami says:

    My prior comment didn’t go through – for all of you who are too far away to buy this GREAT vanity:

    I don’t think it would be difficult to replicated, and NuTone still carries the stainless trimmed mirrors and small chests, either by themselves or in a mirror/chest combination. They have several sizes if you look through the “additional models” section of the webpage.


    They also have this model with built in light:


  5. kyle says:

    I often wonder which came first, real bathroom or dollhouse bathroom. Don’t give up. Last week I found, on an unrelated trip to the city architectural salvage “wear”house in the bathroom “cemetery” section, two 1968 American Standard turquoise sinks 19 x 19 round to replace my two 1968 American Standard 16 x 19 oval ones. I have wondered for some time how this would work out and all I really have to do is carve out a little bit of my gold specked formica counter top. These round ones are perfect with the exception of the beginnings of lower rust formation at the overflow, which I will attend to. The metal rims were there too less the clips which I have. My husband says there is a reason they are there, and I said “Yes, for me”. $10 each.

    1. Rick S says:

      Your husband might as well get on board with this because it does not sound like it is going away. Retro Renovation keeps us hooked.

      love the house and think back to my parent’s c1896 Queen Anne with the cosmetic cabinet/mirror in the updated bathrooms.

  6. TappanTrailerTami says:

    This is a great vanity set! Too bad someone removed it, but bonus for someone needing it – that’s the silver lining.

    For those aren’t close enough though, I think it wouldn’t be too hard to come up with a reasonably close copy. The vanity cabinet is pretty simple, and NuTone still carries the small chest and mirror – just need to round up a worthy mid century light.

    NuTone chests only in 3 sizes, mirrors only (stainless trim!) in lots of sizes, and also combination mirrors/chests – see the additional products link on their webpage here:


  7. Danielle Wright says:

    I need this! But how to get it from Iowa to CA, I don’t know. Anyone traveling this way that wants to pick it up and bring it along? It would be so perfect in my 1965 master bath. I’m very bummed to find exactly what I want but not be able to transport it. Bummer

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