Fire pits with retro modern style — in a wide range of prices

When reader Darryl emailed Pam looking for good sources for a wok-like fire bowl — the search was on. There are plenty of modern retro looking fire bowls in a variety of shapes and sizes out there — but they don’t always come cheap.

Hi Pam,

Big fan here…thank you for all you do! I’m looking for “wok-like” planters and fire bowls that are on posts elevating them from the ground. (Very George Jetson). I’m hoping that you would know a source.

Palm Springs, CA

Ok Darryl — after extensive internet research I’ve been able to find a number “wok-like” fire bowls with George Jetson appeal — listed below from most to least expensive. Hopefully one of these is just the fire pit you’ve been searching for.

Update a few years later: Lots more models out there now that midcentury modern design (and fire pits) are so popular. Be sure to shop around!

modern-metal-fire-bowlJohn T. Unger Studio — $1,500

modern-silver-fire-bowlStardust Modern Gandia Balasco Brasero Modern Outdoor Firepit — $1,120 Update: Now discontinued but they have other options including one that looks like this.

modern-firebowl-wok-likeDesign Within Reach Fire Bowl — $495

modern-black-fire-bowlAll Modern, Skagerak Denmark Olympia Fire Pit — $415

Firebowl-on-feet-retro-modernEtsy, Fire Pits Atlanta 42 inch Fire Pit Industrial Duty — $400

modern-retro-fire-bowlAmazon, Esschert Design Fire Bowl Extra Large — $279.99

retro-modern-fire-bowl-mediumAll Modern, Real Flame Four Can Outdoor Fire Pit — $139.65


All Modern Halo Fire Pit — $61.36

So there you have it — proof that you can find an appropriate retro inspired fire bowl for your backyard patio in any price range. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled at yard sales, estate sales and on Craigslist too — you could find just what you’ve been searching for at a reasonable price without having to fork over money for shipping.

  1. Paul Navin says:

    I’m also looking for a wok shaped firebowl idea. Saw one that was a metal wok shape and sitting on a small rock but now I can’t find it. Need this be gas to sit on my deck. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    1. Carrie says:

      Ooops–Paul, I meant to reply to your comment, but I think I posted it was a new comment! I think the VESTA from BOXHILL may be what you’re looking for, in a firepit.

      1. Paul Navin says:

        Thanks Carrie! This is pretty close to what I’m looking for. I’d like it to be a little more artistic. The one we saw had a single rock as a base with the wok type pan sitting on top. Thanks for your help.

  2. Pryscila Miller says:

    These are great! Has anyone installed a deck in their backyard? We have a very modest 1959 ranch house with 8 ft ceilings inside and a very low pitch roof. Our house probably isn’t any taller than 12-13 ft at the roof peak. It seems that if we were to install a deck, our guests would be staring at the roof shingles!

    1. pam kueber says:

      How about a stone, brick or gravel patio at ground level. That is likely even more authentic mid-century that a wood deck…

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