“Banjo top” sink — Rare vintage bathroom sink with integrated long curvy counter top

Readers David and Laura knew: Sinks with attached counters are called”banjo” tops

vintage sink rareSarah, owner of the groovy round house, has an eagle eye and a cell phone that takes photos and she knows how to use it: So here’s some retro reconnaissance (aka “retro recon”) spotting of a vintage bathroom sink with a long wacky shaped countertop all in one piece. In green. This is a great one!  Sarah writes:

 Dear Pam,

My dads friend went to visit his childhood home earlier this week and took some photos. This sink caught my attention… I’ve never seen one like this before! It is all one unit, sink plus counter! Love it!!!!! And the decorative tile, sooo cute!

Sarah (roundhouse Sarah)

Thank you, Sarah! Our first woddity of the year!

Can anyone identify the maker and the year? I’m thing early 1980s by the look of that pedestal base… And maybe the whole counter top thingie is designed with the idea that it would span the top of an adjacent toilet? All kind of clever if you ask me. You can almost never have to much easy-to-clean counter top space in a bathroom near the sink.

Readers, have you ever seen a sink like this before?
What year do you think it’s from?

  1. Kathy says:

    Great photos, especially of the bathroom and lounge. Take a look at those mosaic tile and the popular again grey and black color scheme. Also love the round two-sided fireplace and other retro grooviness.

    The Stadler was saved and renovated and kept a modern retro style. but I don’t think many of the interior fittings were retained. Wish the website had more photos: http://thestatlerdallas.com/index.html#new-form

  2. Marie Luby says:

    My friend just bought a Condo in Phoenix that has this countertop, although it’s white. Built in 1967.

  3. Evan says:

    I’ve been looking for a vintage vanity for SO long. I even went so far as to post my want to Craigslist with photos for examples. Nothing. I’m so disappointed. Yes, I check ReStore, but our ReStores have nothing like what I see in Pam’s offerings!
    I’ve run out of ideas :-/

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