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Oh, this makes me want to be a kid again. A kid with rich parents. Reader Gerry saw my luv for Broyhill Premier Chapter One Furniture… the inspiration for my 2013 Color of the Year, Flower Power Lime Green… and pointed me at Room and Board’s Moda line of modern style children’s bedroom furniture. The idea is: Squared-off design… solid maple lacquered white as the “base” of the design… then you can choose from 11 colors for the drawer fronts and other details. Oh yes — the green, the green, I luv the green!

moda childrens bedroom furniutreAnd the orange, too. ?

moda colors11 colors for the accent detail. The color-colors take extra time.modern cribyellow cribblue crib

The cribs are fantabulous — and all this furniture, pretty spendy. And I would warn: Don’t spend more money than you can really afford on your kids’ furniture. They don’t care.


green dresserorange night standflower power green deskA number of the furniture pieces could be used in other rooms. For kids — or for adults who want to bring flower power style into their living room or bedroom.

This Moda furniture from Room & Board is pretty stuff.

  1. Amanda says:

    We have the Room and Board Moda bunk beds in my 9 year old son’s room! Unfortunately, they didn’t have the over desk model available when we purchased it, but I still love the line. It’s very solid, too, and multiple wild little boys hanging on it doesn’t concern me. We paired it with the Pisa leaning desk from Room and Board and it’s perfect. Most of our house is furnished from R&B. Love that place.

  2. Retrodesi says:

    I absolutely love the verdant green and bright yellow 70s combo. There’s an estate sale advertised in Houston that has a time capsule house from the 1970s that had a similar color scheme. On further nosing around I found the listing, it is a funky house with a lot of these similar color combos in some of the rooms. Not sure if I’d want to live in it, but it is so very cool nevertheless.

  3. BrigittaV says:

    Hey! FYI, when I was a kid, I cared about my room furniture. Of course, I didn’t when I was an infant, but by the time I went to kindergarten, I cared. One of my earliest fights I had with my mother was over what dresser I would get for my new room — when I was six! She won, of course, and I had a dresser I absolutely positively loathed until the day I moved out of the house (at 18). I STILL hate it!

    1. pam kueber says:

      Ok, yes. I was speaking pretty… generically… broadly. How about: Don’t spend more money than you can afford… and don’t create a room for YOU rather than your child. Oh, I also believe — go straight for a double bed. Skip the twin step.

  4. Jamie D says:

    Wow, I’d love the orange crib for our nursery but I don’t think I can justify that price.

    The bunk beds with storage and a desk are brilliant, though. I would have LOVED that as a kid.

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