70 vintage Wilsonart laminate samples — including 17 glitter sparkle laminates

vintage-wilsonart-aqua-glitterHold on to your horses Retro Renovation readers — thanks to a tip from reader Hannah, who is constantly alerting Pam to fabulous vintage items listed on Etsy (xoxox we love you Hannah — will you be our Valentine?) — we were able to get permission from Etsy seller MichelleAndHerDog to bring you 70 pictures of vintage Wilsonart laminate samples — now being offered as key rings. There are several gorgeous patterns — including 17 sparkle and satellite colors. Oh what I would give to be able to order that aqua glitter laminate today. So c’mon folks, the gallery is loaded up with 70 samples to see — let’s take a cheery walk down retro laminate sample lane, shall we?

vintage-wilsonart-aqua-gold-satelliteFrom what I can gather, the difference between glitter and satellite seems to be that satellite has some “veins” of glitter intermixed through the sparkles.



Below is a listing of the names from the swatches featured in our slide show, sorted by category:


  • Aqua glitter laminate
  • Beige glitter laminate
  • Charcoal glitter laminate
  • Cocoa glitter laminate
  • Coppertone glitter laminate
  • Flame glitter laminate
  • Frosty pink glitter laminate
  • Powder blue glitter laminate
  • Pumpkin glitter laminate
  • Red glitter laminate
  • Wintergreen glitter laminate


  • Beige gold satellite laminate
  • Aqua gold satellite laminate
  • Frosty pink gold satellite laminate
  • Powder blue satellite laminate
  • Primrose gold satellite laminate
  • White gold satellite laminate


  • Blue spinet laminate
  • Charcoal spinet laminate
  • Coral spinet laminate
  • Grey spinet laminate
  • Light yellow spinet laminate
  • Pink spinet laminate
  • Light green spinet laminate


  • American walnut laminate
  • Black walnut laminate
  • Bleached mahogany laminate
  • Blonde Ash laminate
  • Blonde Maple laminate
  • Brown pickled birch laminate
  • Flaked limed oak laminate
  • Light grey ash laminate
  • Maple laminate
  • Oriental walnut laminate
  • Light American walnut laminate
  • Platinum walnut laminate
  • Rattan laminate
  • Red striped mahogany laminate
  • White birch laminate
  • Tan limed oak laminate
  • Spice brown walnut laminate


  • Dark grey pearl laminate
  • Green pearl laminate
  • Light grey pearl laminate
  • Red pearl laminate
  • Yellow peal laminate


  • Green Irish linen laminate
  • Grey fine linen laminate
  • Grey Irish linen laminate
  • Red Irish linen laminate
  • Yellow Irish linen laminate
  • Tan fine linen laminate
  • Tan Irish linen laminate


  • Grey and coral marble laminate
  • Light pink marble laminate
  • Light tan marble laminate
  • White marble laminate


  • Solid beige laminate
  • Solid black laminate
  • Solid charcoal laminate
  • Solid cocoa laminate
  • Solid flame laminate
  • Solid powder blue laminate
  • Solid pumpkin laminate
  • Solid red laminate
  • Solid white laminate
  • Solid wintergreen laminate

Other patterns

  • White batik laminate
  • White festival laminate

vintage-wilsonart-beige-gold-sattelite vintage-wilsonart-charcoal-glitter vintage-wilsonart-cocoa-glitter vintage-wilsonart-coppertone-glitter vintage-wilsonart-flame-glitter vintage-wilsonart-frosty-pink-glitterAny way I could get some of this frosty pink sparkle laminate for my bathroom remodel? Pretty please?

vintage-wilsonart-frosty-pink-gold-satellite vintage-wilsonart-powder-blue-glitter vintage-wilsonart-powder-blue-satellite vintage-wilsonart-primrose-gold-satellite vintage-wilsonart-pumpkin-glitter vintage-wilsonart-red-glitter vintage-Wilsonart-White-gold-satellite vintage-wilsonart-wintergreen-glitterThe gallery below is all loaded up with these sparkle and satellite patterns as well as the popular Irish linen, a cool spinet pattern, pearl, marble, wood and solids. Let the fun begin.

A huge thanks goes out to Etsy seller MichelleAndHerDog for letting us feature the photos of her fabulous laminate samples.

Tips to view slide show: Click on first image… it will enlarge and you can also read my captions… move forward or back via arrows below the photo… you can start or stop at any image:?

  1. Lynn says:

    This is still one of my favorite RR posts, and I knew I had to come back here and tell you about my wonderful surprise when visiting Graceland last month. Elvis’s kitchen was last renovated in 1974 and it was WONDERFUL!! I looked down, and there, sparkling back at me, where white and gold glitter counter tops! Even The King loved gold glitter tops. I gasped and took a picture of just the counter tops. I know the people around me thought I was insane (but in a good way)!

  2. Beth Steele says:

    I bought a 1955 brick ranch where there were a few changes, but not all that many. I still have the white gold satellite on my kitchen countertops and the backsplash. I also have a Roper stove that I love, and was able to repair the burners, but unfortunately, cannot get the oven repaired. It looks like an old cadillac…with chrome and fins!

  3. Kathy says:

    Wish I could share a pic of my incredible pantry in aqua gold satellite and my jack and Jill done in the white gold satellite, both in fabulous condition. Love the laminates.

  4. R..C.Cook says:

    Would like a nickle for every piece of glitter pattern i have put down.Getting expensive now just bought a sheet 5×10 over $300

  5. Elijah says:

    Oooooooh, I’m loving the Pumpkin Glitter! I wonder how you could include that in a kitchen. How many people could say that they have an orange countertop…

  6. Robert says:

    Hello Kate, Pam and all at Retro Renovation. I’ve been a fan of this site for years! It’s beautiful.

    Well, I’ve been a flea market addict for years, and a few years ago I picked up a set of samples from the Formica Company from 1962. There are about 100 on a chain inside their original mailing box. The box has great graphics.

    They are “paper reproductions of Formica Colors and Patterns” all the favorites like Nassau and Skylark.

    I can’t figure out how to submit pictures to your site, however I thought you all might be able to use them for archival purposes. Perhaps you already have a set.

    They are in terrific condition. I only paid five dollars and would be willing to donate to your cause. If not, they go back in the drawer.


  7. Helen says:

    I have white gold satellite countertops in my kitchen and two bathrooms. The kitchen and bar are almost perfect condition, the bathrooms didn’t hold up as well. Near the sinks, some of the glitter has completely worn off and little further out has tarnished. Any suggestions for cleaning the tarnish and sealing to prevent more damage?

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