1950s-plastic-wall-tile-from-pittsburgh-companyA question that I get pretty much every week, either here on the blog, via email, or over on our Facebook page is:

Where can I get plastic wall tile?

Here’s my answer, and it’s not an easy-peasy one:

There is no company that I know of that is making this stuff today. So, if you need some, I think the #1 most likely place you are going to find it is ebay. Story: I found some plastic tile at the Re-Store once, it was burgundy red, kind of marbleized. I bought it out of fascination and didn’t have anything to do with it. So I put it on ebay. I found a buyer right away!  So: Click on over to ebay, learn to use their Saved Searches function, and then sit and wait it out.

A #2 most likely idea: Watch craigslist, nationally. Read this story — and especially the Comments on it — for tips on sites and apps that help you search craigslist nationally.

Other thoughts… probably real long shots: Ask neighbors. They may have the same tile in their houses. Maybe they have extras. Maybe they are planning to renovate, and will give you their throw-aways. And of course, keep an eye out at your local Re-Store/Habitat for Humanity and salvage places.

Even with these tips: Good luck with that. I think that there were many makers of plastic tile back in the day. So, there are going to be lots of colors and marble-like and pearl-like patterns. I think that if you are trying to match existing plastic tile, you are in for a needle-in-a-haystack search. If you buy something from ebay or craigslist based on photos, be prepared that the match, won’t.

Fun references here on the blog: A 20-page catalog of plastic tile from Church…. and how about this amazing kitchen, with plastic tiles on all four walls and 12″ square plastic tiles on the ceiling, too!

Also, dear readers, remember to be aware that there can be hazards in the materials, layers and products in old house — get with professionals to understand what you are dealing with. For more info see our Be Safe/Renovate Safe page>> https://retrorenovation.com/renovate-safe/

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  1. pam kueber says:

    nicole — i am so sorry to hear you are not well. My advice: Do not take advice from the internet — consult with a professional about what you should be doing to renovate your bathroom so that it is safe for you!

  2. Sherry Bundy says:

    I have about 97 blue marbled 8 3/4 inch plastic wall tile that I picked up to paint and do a mosaic backsplash on. I got to looking and it has “Guaranteed by Good Housekeeping,” “Polystyrene Plastic,” “Made of Styron A Dow Plastic,” and ‘Tile-Rite with the Triple Seal of Approval Cleveland, Ohio.” I just want to make sure I am not destroying something valuable. I can’t find any information on these.

  3. Becky Givens says:

    If I put up plastic tiles, what do you suggest using to glue them to a painted wall? THANK YOU! Becky

  4. Pam Kueber says:

    Hi Becky, I am not an expert on this. I suggest you seek out a professional to help. Good luck.

  5. Beverly says:

    Hi David, Just read this many years after your post. I have an old cedar shake house and I have always wanted to redo the bathroom which was a pantry, in those 50’s tiles. Do you still have any left?

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