Amazing vintage refrigerator from GE that includes both wall and drawer fridges

vintage GE refrigeratorDo you think we 2000-somethings “invented” refrigerator drawers concealed in base cabinets? It appears not — because here is GE showcasing refrigerator drawers (update: okay, maybe they are freezer drawers, but big diff) that look like kitchen base cabinets… which they have combined with their Wall Refrigerator-Freezer and Cabinettes in this mother of all midcentury modern refrigerators units called, humbly, the GE Refrigeration Center. 

Love. Although, we don’t quite understand what’s holding it up, as readers have pointed out that the wall refrigerator-freezer weighs hundreds of pounds. I do not have a date for this piece of marketing — but the image is from my collection and is one of my boxes, so I’ll find it someday(ish) and add the year to this documentation. At minimum, it’s 1955. Oooooh, if we could ever spot this in the wild!

Want to see more of this amazing line of vintage GE kitchen appliances? Also see our story in the GE Wonder Kitchen.

  1. Lynn Campbell says:

    I actually have a working one in my home. The home was built in the 1950’s state of the art – still have working 2 GE. wall ovens and GE wall fridge/freezer. I even have the brochure. Would love to send photos.

  2. Hillary says:

    My capsule home here in Portland Oregon has this refrigerator! There aren’t too many things in my life that have made me this happy. Always a conversation piece for whoever comes over.

  3. Willa says:

    Neat refrigerator and comments!

    Looking at the photo, I would guess 1960 or so, based on the lady of the house’s dress. My mother and I wore clothing like that in the early 60’s.

    1. Rich says:

      I just saw this wall frifg and frezzer in working condition in a Frey house in Palm Springs, CA. The whole house was in original condition from when Frey built it. Really neat.

      1. Es says:

        Well, that’s exciting! Rich, you gotta go to that house and get some pictures – and win the $100 Amazon card and RR fame!

        1. Pam Kueber says:

          I’ve seen a video of the house, it’s the wall fridge/freezer — NOT the entire GE Refrigeration Center. 🙂

    2. Rich says:

      OH I forgot to say they also had the oven with a porthole window to look at what was baking in the same color as refrigerator and freezer.

    3. Jen says:

      My grandmother had one in pink and her brother (my great uncle had the blue one) they are literally attached to the wall
      The small sliding doors next to the counter areas were never that cool and u stored butter and items that would be eaten or sustained like whole fruit
      Definitely early sixties at least

  4. Steven says:

    I saw a similar hanging refrigerator in a home in New Orleans that the realtor and I christened the “Barbie Dream House.” The late owner’s children were selling it and she had never changed anything since 1961.

    The kitchen was blonde wood and all pink appliances (when she added a microwave it was custom-painted to match). The difference with the image in the photo here was that her refrigerator (2 doors) and freezer (1 door) were hanging above a pass-through to the den, and below were regular cabinets. It was astonishing, and no idea how the weight was supported.

    Some weeks later I drove by the house with a friend who was visiting, and the front door was open. We peeked in and the new buyer was there. He said he wasn’t changing anything except “The kitchen had to go.”

    WHAT? Why buy a house like that to replace what makes it magic?

    He actually offered me all the appliances, but there was no practical way to collect and store them. I just hope he put them online or someone ended up with them who could appreciate them. It was the most fantastic kitchen I’ve ever seen in person.

  5. cherie says:

    I want I want I want!!! I want this fridge and freezer combo in pink and all the other appliances to match!!! Would love to create a whole kitchen and laundry room in pink !

  6. Hardy says:

    Not sure if it has been covered, but there is a frame that runs through the base to the Floor. I picked up this exact fridge with a full set of cabinets this year and installed it in the kitchen. The frame has 4 legs, 3 across the back and one in the center in the front.

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