Vintage Lane Acclaim catalog — showcasing 48 pieces in this classic furniture design favorite


Furniture-that-makes-your-room-LaneThe vintage Lane Acclaim line of furniture seems to have been very popular in mid century America. We speculate that — much like the popular Drexel Declaration line — the design of Lane Acclaim appealed to Mrs. America because it was a good compromise between traditional and modern. It was a little bit Early American, a little bit mid mod.

Remember: The mass of Mrs. Americas were not nuts about mid century modern. But maybe she could tiptoe in. Interestingly — also like Drexel Declaration, there’s a Shaker feel to the Lane Acclaim design — you can see how the wood is connected. Reader Dave is a big fan of the line. He recently acquired what seems to be a very hard-to-find catalog of available pieces from the Lane Acclaim Line — and graciously shares it with all of us today.

Dave writes:

After much hunting, I finally tracked down a complete Lane Acclaim catalog on Ebay and have scanned it. This is a small booklet, 3″ x 4″, that was hung on showroom pieces with a string. As someone who owns six lane pieces (all tables) I was surprised to learn how extensive the line actually was! Especially since you mostly see only the tables trading, with possibly an occasional hutch or desk. I think it would be of value for MCM fans to have access to this great historical record of a classic furniture line. It’s a valuable reference for buyers and sellers.

lane-acclaim-side-tablesThis story is particularly fun for me, because I have a Lane Acclaim table — it is the cocktail table 900-01 (shown in the lead photo.) My mother in law gave it to me. It was her parent’s coffee table.

But, I’ve never seen most of the furniture that is in this catalog. Look at those nesting tables above — it looks to me like the top one has the dovetailed edge and the inner one doesn’t. Very interesting.

lane-acclaim-snack-table-and-cartAnd what is that I see — a TV snack cart on wheels? Amazing!


lane acclaim coffee table
Was there MORE Lane Acclaim? We searched the blog and found this photo from this story. A different surfboard coffee table from the same line?

The Boomerang table above is one I’ve seen before — but the picture window table with the big drawer — that’s new to me.


From the Lane Acclaim catalog:

Although contemporary in classification, Acclaim furniture has a distinct hand-crafted quality that gives it unusual warmth and mellowness. Edges are softly rounded and suggest patient hand-working, rubbing, more hand-working and rubbing to achieve the soft, sculptured contours. Only the top 35% grade of walnut on the market is considered for this furniture. Then, out of 100 feet purchased, only 40 feet will meet Lane’s exacting requirements for grain and color. This fine wood is then finished with a mellow gunstock patina, enriched in character with dovetail inlays. Let your finger-tips brush across the satin-sooth dovetailing — you won’t be able to tell where the joinings are. Drawers operate easily and smoothly on steel ball bearing drawer guides.

lane-acclaim-desklane-acclaim-hutchesThe hutches and buffets are especially interesting. The drawer edges seem to have the same dovetail detail that the popular coffee tables have. I’d love to see one of these in the wild.

lane-acclaim-buffet-shelflane-acclaim-chairs-and-hutchAbove: Lane Acclaim chairs — who would have guessed?

lane-acclaim-dining-tablesWhere there are chairs there is bound to be a few dining table options — again sporting the signature dovetail edges. Fantastic!


The dressers and chests in this line are also quite amazing.lane-acclaim-chests-and-serverlane-acclaim-dresser-and-end-tableslane-acclaim-dresserslane-acclaim-cedar-chestBeing Lane — the company most notably known for their cedar chests — of course the Acclaim line had to have one. The Lane Acclaim Cedar Chest above appears to have “matchmaker changeable front panels” giving it maximum decorative versatility.

lane-acclaim-panel-bedAgain — I was surprised to see that there are headboards in this line — sporting the well known dovetailed motif.

lane-acclaim-headboardsThe catalog also has cleaning and care instructions for Lane Acclaim furniture:

Directions: To polish, first clean the surface lightly with a moistened cloth. Then apply a good furniture polish smoothly with the grain. After it dries, gently polish the surface with a soft cloth. With brand-new furniture, do this once a week for the first month. After that time, polish occasionally to keep the beautiful finish. Dust regularly, but do it lightly because dust is abrasive.

Caution: Don’t place rubber-based lamps, telephones, radios or other objects on lacquer finishes unless the surfaces are protected by pads. Rubber can cause a chemical reaction, turning the finish yellow. It is also advisable to avoid placing furniture where it is constantly exposed to direct sunlight.

Mega thanks to reader Dave for sharing his treasured Lane Acclaim catalog with the Retro Renovation clan. To view the catalog, see our slideshow below:


Tips to view slide show: Click on first image… it will enlarge and you can also read my captions… move forward or back via arrows below the photo… you can start or stop at any image:?

  1. Sidney kurtz says:

    Sn# 269050 cool it was job# 33 what a neat # to come up w/and it’s complete table & chairs has both extentions

  2. Amy says:

    My father is moving to a senior center apartment and downsizing for the move. He offered us whetever we wanted from the house and I only requested the Lane Acclaim end table – I remember it ftom my childhood. I’ll treasure it and it will have pride of place in my retro home!

  3. Paul Klein says:

    I love Acclaim furniture. Do you ever find extra handles. They are 5 1/2 inch center on one of my pieces but it did not come into my world with handles. Someone had painted it three times, the last being an extremely deep , glossy blue.

  4. Kim says:

    are all acclaim tables made of walnut and oak? i just purchased an coffee table and have seen others. mine appears more of a reddish and the oak is also darker. the other table is saw is darker like a rich walnut and the oak appears almost white.

    1. Stephanie says:

      Most Lane tables were made of walnut and pecan, with the dovetail accents possibly being ash, but they could be pecan. Pecan was used as the solid wood trim on many MCM pieces. Lane, also used ash, then they were stained or sprayed with a tinted lacquer.

      The Acclaim series, was the one that was really mass marketed, with a great price point and the tables were sold as ‘indestructable’. I have seen ads claiming glasses sans coasters, would not leave a water mark. I have seen many if these, mostly living room tables and frankly for the age and abuse they have held up s uprising lyrics well. I can tell the ones that are in bad shape are that way because they literally were abused and many were outside. Many of the Acclaim’s pieces are darkened w/age, making the dovetails original contrast difficult to see. That is because they were finished with a clear oil based polyurethane. That finish will typically yellow and get very dark with time, add to that nicotine staining and sometimes you can barely see the dovetails. I have refinished a few of these tables and it is very difficult to remove that finish. It takes me 4 times as long to strip Acclaim furniture, than any other pieces. The refinished results however, are very nice. I actually finish them with two different oils in attempt to deter any yellowing in the future. This series was mass marketed, kind of as the affordable line from Lane. This does not however, mean it is cheap or substandard. Lane simply refined their manufacturing process and techniques to maximize the use of expensive woods and time. By today’s standards I would consider these high quality. I did not however, like the use of platform bases that came into use in later years. That I am sure, was a cost cutting measure. Broyhill & Drexel did it as well.

      Some of the higher end Lane lines I have come across have been pristine, you can tell they have been in the same hands since 1960 and lovingly cared for. Most of those are a hand rubbed oil finish. My parents have the Rhythm bedroom set, the chore I liked the best as a kid was oiling the furniture.

      Leadership in that company must have changed after/during the 70’s. I have actually run across some pieces sold as Lane Rhythm which in no way resemble the originals and were not even walnut. Or maybe they were bad knock offs.

  5. Cindy says:

    I own both a boomerang coffee table, and a very long drop-leaf coffee table from this series, but don’t see either of them in any of these photos. I’m looking for information about them as I’m ready to sell them.

  6. Cedric Evans sr says:

    Hello I have a cocktail table Square Corner in table and the level in table deign # 185371 style# 0900 01 serial# 263030 can anyone tell me what they are worth

  7. Hugh says:

    I have a Lane table and chairs made in ’61 with catalog number 260-54 job number 39, but i cannot find what series it’s from (e.g. Acclaim). Can anybody assist? Not looking for an evaluation, just more info.


  8. Suzanne Ayer says:

    I have several of the basketweave pieces. Had no idea they had value! When I got them they were in mint condition, but after years of real use are no longer

  9. Donna says:

    My friend gave me a table that looks just like the 900 series coffee table. But there is no date stamped on the bottom. Can you tell me more about this table or if there were tables not marked in any wY

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