vintage clock-wallTic toc, it’s times for an uploader — and this weekend’s theme is: Vintage wall clocks. I have lived in my 1951 house for 12 years now, and golly, all this time, we have not had a mid century wall clock up anywhere. I guess the Retro Decorating Gods were waiting to serve me up the perfect one, and a few weeks ago, they finally did. It’s a made in the USA Burwood clock. The clock isn’t “dear”, I think, meaning it’s not worth a whole lot of money. But it suited my space perfectly — gives my modern traditional dining room / living room the right dosage of Atomic Zing. Above: Reader Shelly’s vintage clock wall also is a visual treat. Check out all 331 amazing vintage wall clocks uploaded by readers.

Mega thanks to everyone who submitted photos of their fantastic vintage wall clocks — the uploader is now closed.

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  1. Kim Kaufman says:

    Unfortunately, it’s closed now and I can’t upload a picture of my nice square clock with red plaid background. 🙁

  2. Jean says:

    Oh, how these are taunting me. When I began to imagine my mid-century kitchen, I thought that this vast empty space above the stove would be PERFECT for a starbust-shaped wall clock, though I had no idea if they actually existed. I was delighted to find that they were ubiquitous, but I’m kinda broke, having just graduated from college, and the ones that I take to on ebay always pass the $100-mark and jump out of my price range for the moment. Sigh. Some day soon, hopefully. So many beautiful ones.

  3. Milan says:

    Aww, my clock didn’t make it into this beautiful collection. I thought it went through!
    Anyway, mine is a rounded trapezoidal ceramic clock. White with a gold edge and a light blue rim inside of the gold. The maker is Kienzle. It seems German. I bought it at a thrift store in Sweden. Still need to get it working though.

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