Replacement kitchen drawer rollers for steel kitchen cabinets

roller guides drawersA common question among owners of vintage kitchen cabinets: Where to find replacement parts to fix drawer roller guides and the like?  I didn’t know, but now, reader Suz over on our steel kitchen cabinet buy/sell Forum has suggested a place for these parts: Swisco. I jumped over the site and the its and bits of plastic are confusing to me (the drawers on my vintage kitchen cabinets work fine. Jinx). But I will take Suz’s word. She has vintage St. Charles kitchen cabinets — and Swisco had the parts she needed: “I solved the replacement drawer roller problem- call Swisco,” she said. Thanks, Suz!

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    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Hi Betsy, please note I aim to limit buying/selling/swapping on the blog or it becomes chaos. I suggest: Stalk craigslist, ebay, salvage stores. Good luck.

  1. Wendy in St. Louis says:

    THANK YOU!!! I have some drawers that desperately need new parts. Swisco carries drawer wheels too, so hopefully they’ll have mine or a suitable replacement.

    Here is their discussions forum they appear to be very responsive:


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