Sarah’s lavender purple bathroom restoration — including her experience with Miracle Method to recoat the tub and counter top

retro-lavendar-bathroomOur recent tour of Sarah’s round house promised a closer look at her gorgeous purple bathroom — but Sarah’s lavender lavatory has not always looked so polished. When she first bought her round house, the bathroom was in dirty disrepair. Luckily, Sarah could see beyond the grime and fell in love — thus beginning her careful restoration. She found a toilet seat in the perfect shade of purple, had her “perma-dirty” original purple tub cleaned and coated in a clear gloss and even had the counter top coated in purple to match the tub. Read more about her experience engaging Miracle Method (vs. other recoaters) and see lots more of her pretty purple potty –>

Sarah’s purple bathroom before restoration.

Sarah writes:

This is probably my favorite space in the house! I love my lavender bathroom! It’s one of the more rare retro colors not loved by all, and I’m happy to preserve it. I found the purple toilet seat through Bemis. I had the paint color matched from the toilet tank lid for the walls. The yellowed counter top was coated purple. The purple tub had been scrubbed to death during its life and looked ‘perma-dirty’. The tub coaters super cleaned it and put on a clear coat. Now it stays lovely, has its shine back and is easier to clean.

Not all tub coaters are created equal. I had the local guys do the tub and vanity in my master bath first and was greatly disappointed in the quality of work. The counter top was coated three times because I made the guy fix his mistakes, so I know it’s not going anywhere, but the tub started peeling soon after.

lavendar-bathroomSarah was happy with Miracle Method — read her experience

The next time I needed work like this done, I called Miracle Method of Beaumont, TXand watching the man work was night and day compared to the previous company. They took the sink out to do the counter and did several layers then buffed it, then put everything back, and then caulked all the seams. They were also able to do any color I specified and worked on the purple counter several times to get the color just right.

It’s not often that someone requests to keep the color of their tub, most people are coating theirs white. So I was happy that they listened to my requests and worked with me on getting my purple tub looking better. The tub had been scrubbed with abrasive cleaners and no longer had its shine. Because of this it also looked dingy even after cleaning it. Whatever product they use to strip tubs before they coat them is most likely what they used to clean it. [After they recoated it purple] then they did several clear coats and buffed it smooth. I think it looks a million times better. Miracle Method also felt bad for me and fixed the peeling of my white master bath tub for free. I was very pleased with their work and would recommend them to anyone looking to do the same type projects. They can also coat tile and can fix any cracks or chips. I had a chunk missing on the purple counter top and they filled and sanded that out before the coating process.


hallmack-relaxation-unitYes, I do have an original Hall-Mack relaxation unit (which came with the house) in the purple bathroom. I have another relaxation unit in the garage that I might put in my blue half bathroom.

retro-room-dividerThe wall divider should be two more panels and another pole wider, but the bathroom isn’t big enough for all that so I used the extra panels as window screens. [Sarah told us that she found the wall divider at an estate sale.]

purple-bathtubAlso both bathrooms have these great/unique banquets for shampoo and shaving legs.


I also had to include this shot of Basil in the shower [in the other bathroom] — since it is his favorite place to be!

Sarah, the work you have done to preserve your rare lavender bathroom is just amazing. Thanks for being a decorating inspiration and for sharing your discovery with all of us. Retro Renovators have to be a determined bunch to find — or in this case create — all of the pieces needed for restoring their homes. You’ve put us one step closer to sparkle laminate.

I think Basil might need to be our official spokesbird — he is so cute and you can tell that he loves living in the round house with you.

Do you want to see another purple bathroom — check this one out, from the very early days of the blog.

  1. Jen says:

    Hi Sarah!
    Would you be interested in selling your extra relaxation unit, by chance? We are restoring our bathroom and would love to find one to out in there!
    Thanks so much,

  2. Scott says:

    Hi Sarah

    I’m considering gettting a new colored fixtures and keeping my original 1954 tub but having it painted to match since its a bit dull anyway.

    Just curious to know if you are still pleased with your beautiful Miracle Method surfaces after living with them awhile… thank you! Scott

  3. Jackie says:

    Awesome reno! Love everything you’ve done, but I really NEED that shower curtain! Where did you find it (and who makes it)? It would be perfect in my green 1960’s bathroom…..sigh……

  4. Price says:

    This is really far out…I have the same, exact shower curtain and last winter I painted the bathroom light violet. I would love to have matching fixtures, but right now my 50’s era bath is suffering from a glitzy 80’s makeover complete with grey lily tiles and a glass block window.

  5. Roundhouse Sarah says:

    Thanks Kristen!

    It was a Marshall’s find, so I checked out the tag and the brand name is Peri. I hope this helps

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