This week’s vintage Hall-Mack miniseries concludes with 18 special accessories found in my 1962 catalog. Above: The Tow’lescope (I have two MIB)  and the even more rare Extendo-Bar, which I have never seen in real life.


We’ve seen this a few times – the Concealed Scale.


Above: I’ve never seen this one – a Recessed Conceal-A-Roll.

vintage conceal-a-roll toilet paper holdervintage conceal-a-roll toilet paper holder

Update: Now spotted in the wild — photos from our story about this giveaway.


Above: Ah, the Concealed Vanity Shelf. Notice the enclosed electric plug in the last image.


Above: A reader favorite, the Concealed Lavatory Unit.


Above: Concealed Lavatory Unites in place. Notice the Concealed Tissue Holder… the medicine cabinets with sliding glass doors, the ladder towel holder in the background, and that curved piece is a grab bar, I think.

Above: This is very cool, a grab bar with an attached soap tray.


Above: That’s a dolphin on the left, a shell on the right. Both “winsome as a water sprite.”


Above, the three-in-one towel rack is so named because it adjusts to three positions. At the 45-degree angle it “shows off three rows of decorative face towels to excellent advantage when guest are in your home.” I’ve never seen on of these, either.



Above: Internet poltergeists seem to have munched on the catalog photo, but I think this was the Concealed Toilet Paper Holder (single roll.)


“Towel Ladder.”


Shower Recess, and Corner Fixture. Careful, though, my experience is that chrome-plated stuff ultimately degrades within a tub or shower enclosure.


And of course, everyone’s favorite, the Hall-Mack Relaxation Unit.

  1. Karen Poret says:

    Dustin- I just read this almost two years later! It is now Jan 13, 2019.
    I am trying to find the recessed Hallmack soap, toothbrush and tumbler unit. E-Bay hasn’t had it nor any plumbers supply.

  2. Pam Kueber says:

    Karen, keep watching ebay. This stuff DOES come up. Note, no buying/selling in the comment threads here or it becomes chaos.

  3. Pam Kueber says:

    Note, it’s polished brass. Again: Watch ebay, several of these come up each year, in my experience.

  4. DAG DAG says:

    I freaked out when I read this blog! I apparently have the ‘Relaxation” unit in my bathroom, for TP, magazines, and (yikes) an ashtray! I always wondered why this extra space was next to the TP holder, and I always thought it was for a spare roll. Now, to find out that people would sit on the throne and puff away made me cringe!

  5. Len says:

    I have several of these items in my old house in Sunnyvale, CA. I was very surprised to see them in your list. Does anyone have any others for sale?

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