18 rare vintage Hall-Mack bathroom accessories


This week’s vintage Hall-Mack miniseries concludes with 18 special accessories found in my 1962 catalog. Above: The Tow’lescope (I have two MIB)  and the even more rare Extendo-Bar, which I have never seen in real life.


We’ve seen this a few times – the Concealed Scale.


Above: I’ve never seen this one – a Recessed Conceal-A-Roll.

vintage conceal-a-roll toilet paper holdervintage conceal-a-roll toilet paper holder

Update: Now spotted in the wild — photos from our story about this giveaway.


Above: Ah, the Concealed Vanity Shelf. Notice the enclosed electric plug in the last image.


Above: A reader favorite, the Concealed Lavatory Unit.


Above: This is very cool, a grab bar with an attached soap tray.


Above: That’s a dolphin on the left, a shell on the right. Both “winsome as a water sprite.”


Above, the three-in-one towel rack is so named because it adjusts to three positions. At the 45-degree angle it “shows off three rows of decorative face towels to excellent advantage when guest are in your home.” I’ve never seen on of these, either.



Above: Internet poltergeists seem to have munched on the catalog photo, but I think this was the Concealed Toilet Paper Holder (single roll.)


“Towel Ladder.”


Shower Recess, and Corner Fixture. Careful, though, my experience is that chrome-plated stuff ultimately degrades within a tub or shower enclosure.

Hall Mack Relaxation Unit

And of course, everyone’s favorite, the Hall-Mack Relaxation Unit.

  1. Joe Felice says:

    We Americans used to be so inventive. I think that’s what set us apart in the post-war period. All of these creative items are mere proof.

    One word of caution. Item 326 for the shower–I would NEVER advise anyone to use it as a grab bar. I doubt if it would hold up under a person’s weight. That’s why they quit putting bars on the soap dishes in bathtubs and showers. People were using them as grab bars, and they pulled loose under the weight, causing serious injuries. Again, those were meant to hang washcloths on, not to be used for any type of support.

  2. Roseana Auten says:

    Pam, What are some readily available — but nice quality — substitutes for Hall-Mack bathroom accessories? I need towel bars and towel rings, especially. (Recessed TP holders are still available, thank heavens!)

    I’ve been looking, but not finding. Thanks!

    1. pam kueber says:

      Roseana, stalk vintage! They are out there! ebay, etsy, Re-Store!

      I renovated 3 bathrooms 12 years ago (part of the journey that led to this blog) and used stuff from Home Depot that had kinda sorta the look. This was before stuff was coming out of the woodwork, before I knew what I was doing. If I could redo it: I’d stalk vintage for sure.

      1. pam kueber says:

        Oh and: Also watch for neighbors doing renovation — we have many stories from readers about getting stuff for free from non-mid-mod-mad neighbors.

  3. Patricia Jackson says:

    We just bought a mid-century home built in 1962 and it has many of the things shown above including the wall unit pull out scale, the ladder towel holder, the telescoping towel holder and the concealed lavatory unit. Thank you for posting these! I’m going to keep my eye on Ebay to see if I can find a Hall-Mack catalog. That would be awesome!

  4. Alison says:

    In September we purchased a swoon-worthy mid-century-modern home in Harrisburg, PA. It was architect-designed and lovingly built by a local couple in 1948. The second owner was an architect and owned the home from 1955-2008 when his wife passed away. We bought the home from a lovely couple in 2014, and we are here to stay!

    In our master bathroom alone, we have many of the items featured on this page, including the recessed conceal-a-roll, the 3-in-1 towel rack, the towel ladder, a sliding mirror vanity concealing the lavatory unit, the recessed tissue holder, and vanity shelves, and the recessed shower unit. Our guest bath has the concealed vanity shelf with enclosed plug as well as the recessed shower unit. The third bathroom has everything in the master bath except for the conceal-a-roll. Everything (like the rest of the house) is absolutely pristine, original, and perfect.

    I know I’m a little late on this article, but it was so fun to take a look and see the advertisements for all of these items that surround us every day. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Bethany says:

    We bought a home this year and the bathroom has the Hall-Mack 3 towel rack, relaxation unit (I don’t see a label on this, but it appears to be Hall-Mack) and the concealed lavatory unit (it doesn’t turn, just opens like a door) It also has a nutone built in scale. Interesting to see these things may have some value..

    1. Brett Gebert says:

      Definitely a nice chunk of change. My relaxation unit alone sold for almost 500 bucks on ebay. Toothbrush holders 1-150. Towel bars 20-40. Stuff is definitely desireable. I had almost every piece they made and they all sold for great money. Mirrored cabinet also very desireable. I have seen relaxation units go for as much as 800 dollars! Happy ebaying lol!

      1. Brett Gebert says:

        Concealed wall scale also worth 3-500! Concealed lavatory unit intrigues me though. What is that piece? Havent heard of it! Could be extremely desireable!

        1. pam kueber says:

          Except… there was concealed wall scale on ebay recently that did not even sell for the $80 it was listed at. It might still be there.

          Prices very variable.

  6. Joe Benavente says:

    Where can I purchase some of your items I am in process of remodeling my bathroom,like toothbrush holder recessed,Relaxation unit,towel rack with pull out boosters,vanity with electrical in corner,shower recess for soap etc

    1. pam kueber says:

      We do not sell anything here. See my ebay finds – link is in the right hand sidebar – there is a revolving toothbrush holder in one of my lists. You need to watch ebay…

  7. Eliarch says:

    I have a concealed vanity shelf in my master bath, and one of the sliding mirror doors broke. I am having a hard time replacing it. Most custom mirror places can’t drill a hole for the handle without breaking the mirror.

    Any ideas or resources for this to share?


    1. My local glass place was willing to try but were going to charge $20 extra per mirror panel. I opted to go with acrylic mirrored pulls I found on amazon. Haven’t installed yet but because the pull doesn’t go through the glass, I bet they won’t break as easily.

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