mid century tapered-legsTapered furniture legs — installed straight or at an angle — are one of the calling cards of mid-century modern furniture designs. Case goods, tables, chairs, sofas, footstools and more can all be made to feel a bit more sleek with these slender legs. Whether you are trying to repair a vintage dresser or need legs to build your own retro inspired furniture, we’ve found four sources for tapered furniture legs — in several styles, shapes and materials.

4 Sources for retro furniture legs

Wegner style from tablelegs.com.
McCobb style legs from tablelegs.com.

1. Tablelegs.com

Lasdun style from tablelegs.com.

Tablelegs.com has two different styles of mid century wooden legs  — the McCobb and Wegner — that are available in sizes from 4″ to 29″ in eight wood species, making them ideal for use as sofa legs, or for dressers and tables.

The company also offers a Lasdun mid-century wooden furniture leg in three thicknesses, which are scaled to fit sofas, smaller upholstered furniture and mid-sized case pieces. This series is available in three “visual hefts” so you can chose the right scale and size for your project.

Waddell table leg

2. Waddell Manufacturing Company — For a less expensive replacement leg Waddell Manufacturing Company has one style in sizes from 4″ – 28.” These legs come with metal ferrules/caster feet attached. I have seen both the Waddell wooden table legs and the McCobb legs from Tablelegs.com in person. I felt that the the Tablelegs.com legs were more “solid” — probably because the oak legs from Tablelegs.com were likely a more dense wood species than the Waddell legs — a quality which seems to be reflected in their higher price tag. I also tend to think the legs from Tablelegs.com without the casters look a little more high end.

These are available on Amazon:

Thirteencolonies table legs

3. Thirteencolonies Etsy Shop — I also found thirteencolonies, an Etsy shop that sells mid century style replacement sofa legs. The legs are available in several wood species and are hand made in the shop owner’s 1875 antique barn workshop in northern Vermont. Custom orders are welcomed — which is a wonderful option for those who are trying to find a perfect match to repair a vintage furniture piece.

metal-mid-century-style-furniture-legs4. Ferrous Hardware — For a non-traditonal mid-century furniture leg, Ferrous Hardware offers several completely metal mid century style tapered legs in finishes like polished chrome, brushed nickel and polished brass. Their legs come in heights from 3.5″ to 10″.

5. And increasingly, more options from additional companies on Amazon:

Furniture leg mounting plates available from tablelegs.com

A reminder: Most of these legs require mounting plates, which are attached to the underside of the furniture allowing the legs to be easily screwed into place. I found mounting plates at tablelegs.com that make it easy to attach the legs and are available in a straight or angled mount.

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  1. Ben says:

    Furniture maker here. I make round tapered legs and cleats as well. Custom lengths and a variety of wood choices. These things go faster than I can make them.

  2. Bill says:

    These screw-in legs are OK for cabinets and coffee tables but not sofas since they’re not very strong. That’s why hardware stores have replacement legs.

    1. pam kueber says:

      For this one, Alexis, I think you should talk directly to the companies selling — they can tell you the specifications for their products. Good luck!

  3. Thought I would add our 2 cents on this thread, since I found it so handy: We needed 2 replacement legs for our sofa, and I originally got 2 of the Waddell ones from a local hardware store. Unfortunately they were called 4″ legs, but it was 4″ from the top of the screw, so the leg itself was more like 3.5″ / Also the bummer is you have to finish it yourself. I did like that it had the metal foot tho.

    Retro Roadhusband did a bit of Googling and found this shop on Etsy


    We got 2 legs and are happy with them! Price was good, shipping was lightning fast, and they appear much sturdier than the other ones.

    As a FYI I saw when getting this like that this shop also sells replacement lawn chair webbing, if you want to update your porch furniture!

    1. Bill says:

      The legs are 4″ long when you add the depth of their mounting bracket.
      You may be able to find finished legs and patio furniture stuff at a local family-owned furniture store that’s been in business for several decades. They usually carried small items that were prone to being damaged or worn out.

  4. Pamela Chiesa says:

    We need 12 dark teak 10” tapered legs, diameter top of leg 1 7/8” widest narrowed to 1” narrowest on bottom of leg. We also need mounts to fit and fasten legs to sofas (called daybeds) Scandinavian originals. Please help us find these legs. Thank you. Pam Chiesa

  5. Madison says:

    Great Work Ladies!
    Thank you
    Do you happen to know where to buy replacement wooden chair legs for and antique down cushioned, upholstered arm type chair?
    Movers broke back leg in two places

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      To establish insurance value, ask your insurance company where to go…. Furniture repair — if the value is modest or minimal? Antique furniture repair specialist — if the value is great?

  6. Lillian says:

    I have a dresser I am putting legs on, four outer ones at an angle and one center one upright and not angled. Do they need to be different sizes in order for the dresser to not wobble? And if I planned to get eight inch legs, what size do I need to have as the center one?

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Hi Lillian, I don’t know the answer to this. I suggest asking the company you are buying the legs from for guidance. Good luck!

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