Our secret to get paper swatches for all Sherwin Williams Suburban Modern paint colors

SW-Suburban-Modern-covers032We’ve been hearing from readers bemoaning that sample color chips for the Sherwin-Williams Suburban Modern interior and exterior paint collections are no longer available in stores. This has consistently been a favorite go-to paint palette. So, when brochures were discontinued in 2012, we posted a PDF of the original brochures here. In this latest development, though, we were surprised to hear that stores could not supply some of color sample chip cards. So, Pam sent me on a mission to my local Sherwin-Williams to investigate. My findings: You can still get the interior Suburban Modern paint chips if you know where to look. But, the exterior Suburban Modern paint chips are no longer available in stores. Still, no need to panic. In true Brenda Starr reporter form, I found an easy way you can still get a closer look at the exterior color choices, too.

See the interior colors from the Suburban Modern collection in the current Historical Collections brochure

sherwin-williams-historical-paint-colors sherwin-williams-historical-paint-chipsYes, I had to do some digging, since the friendly paint salesman who assisted me had no idea what I was talking about. But after pawing through a few of Sherwin Williams’ updated paint brochures, I found the Suburban Modern interior colors — mixed in with other historical paint collections in their fold-out “Historical Collection” brochure.

historical-paint-collection-sherwin-williamsThe Historical Collection brochure groups together all of the colors from Sherwin-William’s entire Historic Paint collection. A few years ago, stores offered two separate brochures — one interior, one exterior — for each historical period. Now, you can see the interior collection in the combined Historical Collection brochure.  Alas, though, no current brochure shows the original Suburban Modern exterior color choices.

Sherwin-williams-suburban-modern-paint-colorsThe timeline along the bottom of the Historical Collection brochure features easy to recognize symbols next to each era’s name to identify which paint samples belong in each time period.

Sherwin-Williams-Holiday-TurquoiseAbove: A classic favorite “Holiday Turquoise.”

sherwin-williams-pink-flamingo-paintAnd above: Pink Flamingo is there, too.

How to get sample chip cards for exterior paint colors from the Suburban Modern collection

Since I still hungered for swatches from the Suburban Modern exterior paint collection, I contacted Sherwin-Williams Customer service to ask if they had renamed the colors on the exterior Suburban Modern color palette, or if there was a way for me to still get swatches for these colors.

Sherwin-Williams Customer Service Representative replied to me via email:

I am sorry for the inconvenience, but we do not have alternatives for these colors and no longer have color samples available. However, you can order color samples if you register for a new account at: www.MyS-W.com. You must sign up as a designer to receive this feature [emphasis ours]. Once you register and confirm your email address, you will be able to order the color samples directly from your profile page using the “Order Color Samples” link.

order-color-samples-Sherwin-williamsSure enough, after quickly signing up for a “designer” account on MyS-W.com, I found the “order color sample” button.

Sherwin-Williams-color-sample-sizesThrough this service, you can order paint samples in any of three different sizes: 3″x4″, 7″x8″ or 8″x11″. This is fantastic for home owners and designers alike, who can tape a large sample to the wall to get a better idea of how a color looks.

look-up-color-sample-sherwin-williamsTo find the colors from the Suburban Modern Paint Collection, simply type in their color number, the quantity needed and then add to cart.  Once all of the swatches you need are in your cart, simply finish the checkout — they do not charge for the samples or for shipping — and then your samples will arrive in the mail. Super easy.

You can find the color numbers for the Suburban Modern Paint Collection on the online brochures, but I’ve also listed them below:

Exterior Suburban Modern Colors:

  • Peace Yellow SW 2857
  • Harvest Gold SW 2858
  • Beige SW 2859
  • Sage SW 2860
  • New Colonial Yellow SW 2853
  • Caribbean Coral SW 2854
  • Sycamore Tan SW 2855
  • Fairfax Brown SW 2856
  • Avocato SW 2861
  • Burma Jade SW 2862
  • Powder Blue SW 2863
  • Stratford Blue SW 2864
  • Plymouth Green SW 2852
  • Sage Green Light SW 2851
  • Chelsea Gray SW 2850
  • Westchester Gray SW 2849

Interior Suburban Modern Colors:

  • Pinky Beige SW 0079
  • Appleblossom SW 0076
  • Holiday Turquoise SW 0075
  • Chartreuse SW 0073
  • Sunbeam Yellow SW 0078
  • Classic French Gray SW 0077
  • Pink Flamingo SW 0080
  • Radiant Lilac SW 0074
  • Porcelain SW 0053
  • Pearl Gray SW 0052

Now your only problem with the Sherwin-Williams Suburban Modern Paint Collection will be choosing which colors to use!

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  1. sherree says:

    Thanks for the update Kate! I was fortunate to get the original paint colors brochures before they were discontinued. I have used them so much (nearly every paint color in my house is from these) that they have become very worn from being taken with me whenever I am shopping for the house 🙂 I am so happy to know that at least the colors are still there, even though in other brochures.

  2. Janet in CT says:

    This is great information, Pam and Kate! Now that paint is so much more popular, and people change it so often, I think the companies just can’t afford to send samples all the time, especially with postage going up every year. Funny – yesterday we were coming down the highway in Maine and I pointed out to my husband a house in the Holiday Turquoise color, the second one I saw. Of course it really stuck out in the white and brown winter scenery. I told him that is SO fifties. Now I can tell him it is Sherwin Williams Holiday Turquoise!

  3. Jay says:

    Very interesting, but it begs the question: why must the ordinary consumer be denied this info? Kate’s hard work has shown the way to cut through the layers to get to the prized ext. colors. Several years ago SW bought out the Phila. paint company MAB, long a local favorite. Needing paint for the hall bath two years ago I went to the SW converted old MAB store. Half the paint chip display and brochures had been turned over to HGTV. Ok so not a good first impression (really dark colors). I had remembered Pam’s story about the Suburban Modern colors. The historical color brochure mentioned here was nowhere in sight, maybe it’s new since then. I will have to go back and look for it.

  4. Anne-Marie says:

    Kate, thanks for all your hard work here. I am annoyed that the brochures are no longer available. I painted the exterior of house with the Suburban Modern collection and LOVE it. IWhen I looked at your PDF, my colors and collection were not on there! Here is a link to another suburban modern collection that is no longer available in brochures in stores.

    ( My house colors are the birdseye maple, cacoon and old world gold)


  5. Charlotte says:

    We painted our kitchen Sunbeam Yellow YESTERDAY. Thanks for this, as we needed the paper sample TODAY to pick out floor. By the way, about a year ago you bought a little pink plastic bathroom of dollhouse furniture on Ebay. You bought it from me.

  6. Patty says:

    Any color can be mixed up by any brand. You can bring in an old sample paint chip, a piece if fabric or wall paper, or another item you have that you like the color. The paint chips are there to inspire and suggest options for this point in time.

    I suspect small paint stored may offer the most knowledgable paint mixers.

  7. Mera says:

    Thank you! I took a printout of the brochure from the website with me to the SW store on Sunday – only to learn I couldn’t get the chips I wanted. I’ll be ordering some online based on your great info. I did find out they can still mix any paint “number” they just don’t have the cards and you do have to buy a quart. Fine for testing just not for choosing. At least not the way I choose colors!

  8. Jesse Stevens says:

    Went to my local Sherwin-Williams store two weeks ago and ran into the same problem, ni samples on the floor… I asked the paint pro on duty and she was more than willing to help. I told her I was looking for “SW Stratford Blue” and after some fumbling around she pulls out a long box with hundres of chips and BOOM, there it was. The den in my ’64 Ranch house is now Retro Renofied! 🙂

  9. Mid Century Lush says:

    You ladies are so sneaky! Thank you SO much for this tip. Just followed this advice and my paint samples are on their way! I’m so excited!

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