Simply adorable — vintage miniature steel kitchen cabinets made by GE

replica GE steel children's kitchen playsetWhat’s more delightful than a pile of puppies? This adorable GE Little Miss Structo children’s steel kitchen cabinet set — quite possibly the cutest vintage kitchen I’ve ever seen — spotted by reader Chicago Char on the Chicago craigslist. This pretty pink play set packs a lot of features into a teeny tiny frame — three drawers, a lazy susan, a sink, plenty of cabinet space and even four sliding door upper cabinets. As a kid, I would have died for a play kitchen this cool — ok, to be honest — even now I’m trying to restrain myself.

From the Craigslist listing:

Rare Vintage GE Replica Little Miss Structo Child’s Kitchen Set

The sweet little vintage child’s kitchen set is very rare. It was manufactured by GE. It is made of metal. The drawers and cabinet doors open and close and are fully functional. It is 3 separate sections. The middle cabinet has two Lazy Susan circular shelves the still turn. The upper section of the cabinets also have shelves. Some have plastic sliding doors, some are worn and some are missing. This child’s Kitchen Set is a made of metal and each piece is Approx. 12″-20″ in width and 12″-18″ in height.

Yes this mini kitchen needs a little restoration work — not unlike its full sized vintage counterparts often do — but with a fresh coat of paint and some new plastic sliding doors, this play kitchen could be restored to its former glory in no time.

Mega thanks to Craigslist seller Julee for allowing us to share her photo.

  1. ElectraChime says:

    Quality children’s furniture is indeed rare, and that is some of the nicest I’ve ever seen! Hopefully, some forward thinking first grade teacher in a mid-century era school will get a hold of those where they can be loved by dozens of children!

  2. JKM says:

    What a find! I remember little wooden ones in my elementary and church Sunday school classrooms but I’ve never seen metal ones.

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