Wallpaper you can draw on — Graham & Brown’s Frames wallpaper now in 4 colors

Graham & Brown wallpaper Frames-WhiteAs a kid, it seemed I was always drawing, painting or doodling. I would have loved it if my bedroom was wallpapered in Graham & Brown’s popular ‘Frames’ wallpaper — a pattern that encourages personalization by inviting you to add your own photos, drawings and doodles in the pattern’s ’empty’ frames. Designed by artists Taylor & Wood as an ‘interactive’ wallpaper, over 200,000 rolls of ‘Frames’ have been sold since 2004 to be used in children’s rooms, craft rooms and even common spaces, giving everyone — including adults — permission to draw on the walls. 

Graham & Brown wallpaper Frames-Black

Graham & Brown PR representative Alex Miller writes:

Graham & Brown’s Frames wallpaper has been one of the company’s best-sellers throughout the years.

To celebrate ten years of its popular interactive wallpaper design, the company launches three new color-ways: black with white frames, white with gold frames and pink with white frames.

First designed by Taylor & Wood in 2004 in the simple color-way of white with black frames, Frames has gone on to sell more than 200,000 rolls worldwide.

Gracing the walls of bedrooms, hallways, bathroom, offices for a decade – Frames inspires decorators to transform walls into giant canvases to fill with individual style, from photos and keepsakes to children’s drawings and paintings.

Graham & Brown wallpaper Frame-Pink‘Frames’ is available in four color ways — black, white, pink and gold — for $45 per roll.

Graham & Brown wallpaper Frames-Gold

This wallpaper would be so much fun to use in a child’s room, to jazz up a boring hallway, or even in a main living space to create an instant gallery wall. True, it’s not ‘vintage’ or narrowly ‘retro’ — but we love the spirit! Hey, put your old family photos in the Frames — and you can have the best of both old and new!

  1. Alex says:

    The wallpaper is like paper so any kind of writing utensil will work just fine (pencil, marker, paint, crayon, etc.)

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Alex works for Graham and Browne

  2. Katie B. says:

    Very cool idea. I even like the larger pattern on its own. It does look sort of retro. This reminds me of those painted chalkboard walls where you can draw your own frames around whatever you put on it. I have wanted something like that for awhile now. I think I love to doodle just as much now as I did when I was a kid! 🙂

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