$50 Thibaut wallpaper murals — 11 designs — get ’em while you can

wallpaper muralYowza: Thibaut wall murals on sale for just $50 at Steve’s Blinds and Wallpaper. There are 11 different designs — most in several different color ways — many of them go back decades (these murals were super common from the 1950s through the 1970s, we’d say) — and they are on sale for more than 94% off.

UPDATE: Supply long gone, but I’ll leave this 2014 up for historical reference.Yes, these are supposedly $850 retail murals. Limited quantities remain — could it be they are being discontinued by Thibault, and they’re clearing out their vaults?  Yikes: If you’ve been longing for some vintage style wallpaper mural action for that long lonely wall in your bedroom, dining room, living room, basement or den, now seems like the perfect time — the last time? — to score one — and for a steal. Thanks to reader Rhonda for this awesome tip.

wallpaper muralThe mural, above: Perhaps the most popular of all time — Memory Lane. It was installed in the LBJ Ranch in Texas — and President Johnson once addressed the nation on television with it in the background. Presidential provenance!

wallpaper mural wallpaper muralwallpaper mural wallpaper mural There are several different types of scenes available, from southern plantations to New England harbor views similar to the original nautical wallpaper murals found in this 1956 time capsule home and this 1960 time capsule gem in Laramie, Wyoming.

wallpaper muralwallpaper muralThese Japanese mountain scenes would be perfect in an Asian inspired midcentury home — like the original Oriental style wallpaper mural in this 1956 time capsule home. Hmmmm…. One of these might even work for a wall of that far eastern-themed tiki lounge you’ve been hoping to create.

wallpaper muralwallpaper mural wallpaper mural wallpaper mural wallpaper mural wallpaper mural wallpaper mural For those who like their flowers inside as well as outside, there are several color ways and styles showcasing artfully rendered botanical designs.

wallpaper muralwallpaper mural Need something to cover a bare wall in your Colonial style home? This charming, colorful wallpaper mural with hot air balloons could do the trick.

wallpaper muralwallpaper mural wallpaper muralEven Roman style columns and a distant island would be a welcome view in a room decorated in the Hollywood Regency style.

We’ll say it again. Yowza! Pam bought one for her master bedroom. She wants to buy them all, she says. For her collection hoard. Alas, DH amused. Not one bit.


  1. Jean says:

    I have the Roman columns in pink/blue that I have not yet put up. I plan it for my music room wall with my black grand piano.

  2. ann says:

    I am trying to find the Thibaut vintage seaport mural. it says steves blinds and wallpaper.but they don’t have it….I am desperate to find this out of print wallpaper mural 536×300
    looks like mystic conn

      1. Pam Kueber says:

        Note, they might come up vintage every now and then. Start stalking ebay… it make take a few years.

  3. Nathan says:

    Does anyone have a mural that’s just sitting, waiting for a wall? I have been looking for Magnolia Hill, but would settle for the nautical or other homes.

    My first home had the Magnolia Hill scene—the reason I bought the home and one of my regret for leaving it…(new owners painted over it).

    Nathan – natswanson@me.com

    1. Laura Gaffney says:

      Hi Nathan
      I purchased Ships Haven mural a few years ago during the Steves Wallpaper sale. I am in the process of building a new home and plan to use it in my dining room. I bought more than I needed just to be on the safe side. I am pretty sure that I may have some panels left. I will let you know once the house is completed!

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