$50 Thibaut wallpaper murals — 11 designs — get ’em while you can

wallpaper muralYowza: Thibaut wall murals on sale for just $50 at Steve’s Blinds and Wallpaper (*affilate link). There are 11 different designs — most in several different color ways — many of them go back decades (these murals were super common from the 1950s through the 1970s, we’d say) — and they are on sale for more than 94% off. Yes, these are supposedly $850 retail murals. Limited quantities remain — could it be they are being discontinued by Thibault, and they’re clearing out their vaults?  Yikes: If you’ve been longing for some vintage style wallpaper mural action for that long lonely wall in your bedroom, dining room, living room, basement or den, now seems like the perfect time — the last time? — to score one — and for a steal. Thanks to reader Rhonda for this awesome tip.

wallpaper muralThe mural, above: Perhaps the most popular of all time — Memory Lane. It was installed in the LBJ Ranch in Texas — and President Johnson once addressed the nation on television with it in the background. Presidential provenance!

wallpaper mural wallpaper muralwallpaper mural wallpaper mural There are several different types of scenes available, from southern plantations to New England harbor views similar to the original nautical wallpaper murals found in this 1956 time capsule home and this 1960 time capsule gem in Laramie, Wyoming.

wallpaper muralwallpaper muralThese Japanese mountain scenes would be perfect in an Asian inspired midcentury home — like the original Oriental style wallpaper mural in this 1956 time capsule home. Hmmmm…. One of these might even work for a wall of that far eastern-themed tiki lounge you’ve been hoping to create.

wallpaper muralwallpaper mural wallpaper mural wallpaper mural wallpaper mural wallpaper mural wallpaper mural For those who like their flowers inside as well as outside, there are several color ways and styles showcasing artfully rendered botanical designs.

wallpaper muralwallpaper mural Need something to cover a bare wall in your Colonial style home? This charming, colorful wallpaper mural with hot air balloons could do the trick.

wallpaper muralwallpaper mural wallpaper muralEven Roman style columns and a distant island would be a welcome view in a room decorated in the Hollywood Regency style.

We’ll say it again. Yowza! Pam bought one for her master bedroom. Story to come. She wants to buy them all, she says. For her collection hoard. Alas, DH amused. Not one bit.

Get ’em while the gettin’ is good:

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  1. Retro Newbie says:

    I had some money in my PayPal account that I had forgotten about. They sent me an email reminder, the email about the murals magically appeared and viola! I was the proud parent of the green and white tree featured above. Isn’t it nice when a plan comes together?
    My son and I will install this weekend. Thanks Pam for the great tip.

      1. Retro Newbie says:

        I will make sure to send before & after pics. That’s the least I could do considering without your WONDERFUL information-packed website, I would have fallen for the hype and went with easy-to-find ole boring modern day living style.

  2. Christina says:

    I had ordered one of the Ch’Ing but then got an email they were out of stock- so we ordered the boat one for our rumpus room. I hope it works!! I got the balloon one too just in case. ha! Thanks for pointing this place out! 🙂

  3. ineffablespace says:

    I got my first Ch’Ing mural today.

    These are definitely new old stock with mummified rubber bands around the rolls. I unrolled one panel, and it’s much subtler and more elegant (?) than I was expecting. (This set is the pale gray, I also ordered black)

    It seemed a bit kitschy in the small photos (which is fine), and I bought them more as a historical curiosity. But I think this will make a nice statement without any sense of irony about it.

  4. David says:

    I ordered the marine mural. It arrived in the mail today. There were the four panels plus the extra rolls of plain paper, as described in the accompanying instructions for hanging. I’ve unrolled one of the panels: very handsome, obviously silk screened, not a photomechanical printing. My spouse and I are both very pleased.

    We plan to hang (well, probably, have the professional wallpaper hanger we have worked with in the past hang) the panels in a downstairs bedroom.

    Thanks, very much, for the tip and the link! I’ve been hankering after a mural like this for some while.

    1. pam kueber says:

      YAY, I need to open mine. Yes, the box says: Hand screened! Amazing! Be sure to take before during and after photos!!!!

    2. pam kueber says:

      I opened mine today. It was the butterscotchy colored Ch-Ing. It was absolutely stunning. I wish I’d hoarded them all! I also will use a pro to hang it, I would HATE to wreck it!

      1. ineffablespace says:

        I never got the Ch’Ing in black. Since I had placed the orders separately I got a phone call verifying that the second was not an accident, and they processed it, or so they told me. Actually they must not have done something right because they still had me as “supposed to be getting one” but it was never sent out to me, mine was sold to someone else, and obviously there is no more left. Oh well.

  5. Schnitzelbank says:

    Super disappointed! I’ve been waiting, waiting, waiting for my mural to arrive. I called today (30 days later) to ask WTFrack.
    They sold out.
    Took my money.
    And were waiting for me to call and ask for a refund.
    For cry-eye, what lousy customer service!
    The CS agent was a snit on the phone, too.

      1. Schnitzelbank says:

        It was the black Japanese print. That’s sweet of you to offer… If it happens to be a match, what providence!
        (Btw, Pam- they said they emailed us to say it was outta stock…nope, checked Spam and all, nothing. Also doesn’t explain why they did not refund.)

          1. Diane says:

            I had just contacted Pam about finding a deserving home for it; I’m so happy the opportunity presented itself! (Schnitzelbank email is sent.)

            1. Schnitzelbank says:

              What a great community! Diane, a fellow Retro-Renovater, sent me her extra ch’ing! I’m beyond thrilled and humbled by how this resolved!

              So— I take it, I need to use traditional paste to adhere this?

              Our dining room has windows, alas. It’s either the living room or our office space. Hmmmmmmm….

  6. Bobby Taylor says:

    I want to apologize for the delay in your refund and also to anyone who did not get the mural that they were wanting. We had such an incredible response thanks to Pam that orders were coming in faster than our inventory system could update the website. We have just completed a review of all orders to ensure that all refunds have been processed for customers who did not get their murals. If anyone should have any problems or questions regarding their mural orders, please do not hesitate to email me directly at bobbyt@stevesblinds.com.

    Thank You for shopping at Steve’s Blinds.

    Bobby Taylor
    Director of Ecommerce

      1. pam kueber says:

        Marie, the links to any items we spotlight are in each story, look for the bright bold blue hotlinks and click them.

        Not sure what, if anything, is left of this stash. Story is a few years old and our readers snapped them up fast, myself included!

  7. Danika says:

    Ummmm the last ones are now $19.99! None of the remaining ones suit my décor 🙁 but if they suit anyone else’s they’re a steal 🙂

  8. amypie says:

    Hey gang! I was just wondering if anyone who purchased one or more of them ever hung them and if they would share photos. I bought 3 of them and still haven’t decided where they should go. They are really well done.

      1. amypie says:

        I know the feeling Pam, I have 3 murals in the closet and 8 rolls of Graham & Brown’s “Housewives” waiting to be hung in the kitchen, never mind all the un-hung artwork and mirrors, lol.

  9. Jean Gough says:

    Hi Pam,
    It’s been a few years since your post, but I just wanted to drop a line to say that I was able to get one of the murals. Many were gone but I did end up with the Roman Columns in the pinks. I haven’t gotten it up on the walls yet, but it will be going in my music studio where I have my black grand piano. I plan on a burgundy shag rug on the floor also and hope to get to the job this summer!

  10. Jean says:

    Hi Pam and All!
    I purchased the pink Greek Columns a few years back and have yet to put it up. My room is finally ready and it would be the backdrop for my black baby grand piano. I guess I am on the fence whether or not I want to use it. The drapes will be a burgundy/gold pinch pleat that I will be making, full length from ceiling to floor. It would be a pretty dramatic look!

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