Rare woddity: 1958 Gerrity Princess kitchen faucet “dishwasher”

Gerrity-Princess-Dishwasher-1950sEbay is like the Amazon Rainforest of rare vintage goodies waiting to be rediscovered — there are so many ‘species’ out there still to find. This week, Pam the Adventurer stumbled on what she believes to be a super rare 1958 Gerrity Princess faucet with built-in dishwashing attachments. It’s for sale as part of a midcentury woddity wonder kitchen. We’ve never seen one of these before, and even the Ebay seller — a longtime fan of Retro Renovation and avid collector himself — has never run across another one.

Gerrity-Princess-Dishwasher-1950sEbay seller rethinking has been collecting bits and pieces of high end, rare and amazing parts to construct the ultimate midcentury kitchen over the years, and is now selling them off as one big wonderful set. While each part of the kitchen is amazing in its own right, the 1958 Gerrity Princess faucet with dishwashing attachments is really something special.

From the Ebay listing:

 … A vintage kitchen this over the top could not have a faucet over it’s built in stainless steel sinks.  I considered adding a vintage Dishmaster but then found something even more intriguing, and once again, it’s the only one I’ve ever seen.  It’s a 1958 Gerrity Princess faucet with built in dishwashing attachments.  It is NOS in the original and super cool wooden crate with all instructions and pieces and is in as new condition from 56 years ago. …

Gerrity-Princess-Dishwasher-1950sprincess-dishwasher-faucetprincess-dishwasher-faucet Gerrity-Princess-Dishwasher-1950sThe seller was kind enough to send me some additional photos of the faucet, and several of the attached instruction and installation manual. How cool is that?

The instructions for use in the above brochure read:

Operating Instructions

Your Princess Dishwasher has been carefully inspected and tested and will give good service. Follow these instructions:

  1. Remove white plastic cover. Pour one teaspoon of liquid detergent (not soap) into white detergent container. Fill container with cold water and replace plastic cover.
  2. Your Princess Dishwasher is now ready for use.
  3. Turn on the hot water. Turn on the cold water gradually until water coming through the spout is of desired temperature.
  4. With the white plastic handle in hand, pull ou white diverter control knob. Water now flows through the hose.
  5. Place your thumb on the white control button for rich, creamy suds, and for a clear sanitary rinse remove your thumb from button.
  6. Wash glassware, china, and sliver with your nylon brush. Wash pots, pans, etc., with your brass wire brush (optional at extra cost).
  7. Turn off the water and the diverter control will automatically close. The next time you turn on the water, it will flow through the spout.


princess-dishwasher-faucet-brochureMega thanks to Ebay seller rethinking for allowing us to feature this amazing faucet.

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  1. mike says:

    I have 2 of these brand new in a box left over from from Frank Lloyd wrights Usonia Historic District. Town of Mount Pleasant, adjacent to the village of Pleasantville, Westchester County, New York.They dont have the wings

  2. Mark Huntington says:

    I also have one still in box,picked up at garage sale. Been trying to find out value of it with no luck. Could you help me out with that? I have no idea what it’s value would be. Thank you.

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