Retro wall stencils — patterns and tips from 7 reader projects

starburst stencil wall

Over the past year or two, at least seven of our readers have created their own midcentury modern retro ‘painted wallpaper’ using homemade stencils, templates and stamps. This snazzy solution may be a bit on the time consuming side, but it is also an affordable project — with endless possibilities. We gathered all the examples into this one, easy-to-check-out story.
1. Above: Karen used gold starburst stencils in the budget remodel of her pink bathroom.

click on this image – it will enlarge – print it to make your stencil pattern (resize according to your needs)
click on this image – it will enlarge – print it to make your stencil pattern (resize according to your needs)

Above: Karen’s idea was so fantastic that reader Nancy generously made a stencil for anyone in our retro community wanting to create a similar treatment on their walls.

1960s-living-room-42. Above: Readers Jim and Kathleen used the stencil pattern on with silver paint in their 1960 pink bathroom.

romantic-bedroom-113. Above: Starburst stencils aren’t just for the bathroom — reader Pati created an accent wall in her bedroom using Nancy’s stencil pattern.

starburst stencil pink-bathroom-renovation14. Above: Readers Jon & Trixi created a starburst stencil for their bathroom that mimicked the motif on their retro light fixture.

retro-starburst-design-on-wall5. Above: Reader Lori did a fantastic job renovating her kitchen and devised a way to make her own hand painted Franciscan starburst wallpaper based on the popular vintage Franciscan dinnerware pattern.

retro-mod-accent-wall6. Above: Jeff used painter’s tape and a little creativity to create his geometric retro modern accent wall design in his living room — an inexpensive way to decorate a large, empty wall.

pink-bathroom-painted7. Lindsay stenciled bees onto the walls of her gorgeous pink bathroom. 

  1. Connie Heien says:

    I love these ideas! I also love Pati’s bedspread and wonder if it’s new or retro? Have been looking for something like that. Thanks! Connie

    1. pam kueber says:

      Connie, for new chenille bedspreads with retro style, go lookie Vermont Country Story and Bates.

  2. MidCentShann says:

    Funny guys, very funny. You need to stop looking in my brains. I am literally about to buy some handmade stamps from ETSY to do this on a wall in my laundry room. Like I’ve been planning this for 2 weeks. MMMM…. BRAINS…… Pyrex bowl stamps…..

  3. tammyCA says:

    I don’t have any painted walls but I was inspired by the starburst designs so I did a make-over on a castoff dented beige t.v. tray from the goodwill. I did it freehand so it’s a bit wonky but I’ll send you a pic.

  4. Robin, NV says:

    I love the idea to mimic the starburst pattern in the light fixture – the bathroom light in my blue bathroom has a starburst pattern that I could probably replicate pretty easily. Great idea!

    I have a 1950s home decor book with stencils for a nursery. I should scan them and post them on my blog. They’re animals rather than googie shapes but they’re adorable. The camel is especially cute.

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