A Hotpoint Customline kitchen and 11 other favorites from our recent uploader

midcentury light fixtureTo kick off the unofficial start of summer, readers uploaded 240 photos of their newly acquired vintage finds and home projects in our recent Memorial Day weekend uploader. There were so many fantastic finds that it was difficult to narrow it down to my 12 favorites. Readers shared photos of everything from dishes to front doors — and we think it’s the first time we’ve ever seen a Hotpoint Customline kitchen on the blog!

Kitchens galore

vintage steel kitchen Above: This reader says:

My husband & I found our “ultimate collectors find” a MCM home built in 1958 in near original condition featuring close to 3,000 sq. ft. of terrazzo. The kitchen has the original Hotpoint stove, Hotpoint “Customline” sink & stove with the original plug in griddle.

Pam reminded me that Hotpoint was owned by GE — so yes, this Hotpoint Wonderline could well have come off the same assembly line as its (possibly) more famous step-sister, the GE Wonder kitchen.
vintage steel kitchen Above: Yes, we also had a GE Wonder Kitchen uploaded. The photo above shows it in its original kitchen — which also included pink tile and knotty pine. The happy new reader-owner said:

I’ve always wanted a Wonder Kitchen and I just returned from picking this baby up in Kansas! She’s still in the U-Haul but I’ll be sure to post about my upcoming kitchen remodel!

midcentury kitchenAbove and below: This reader shared photos of the vintage pink kitchen in their 100 year old rental home. Original pink tile backsplash, pink vintage accessories, pink burner covers and a super cute vintage pink Frigidaire wall oven. What’s not to love?

midcentury pink kitchen vintage steel kitchen Above: It might feel like vintage goodies are getting harder and harder to find and therefore more expensive, but this mystery reader found this whole steel kitchen set — including the sink and faucet — for free. Yes, there are still treasures goodies to be had out there!

Some fun Franciscan finds

vintage dishesAbove: Reader Ima Pam scored some flowery Franciscan dishes — which she took the time to lovingly arrange on the table and in her vintage Kent Coffey china cabinet for the photo. Ima Pam — your dining room is so warm and inviting — what time should we be over for dinner?

franciscan tilesAbove: Remember our story about where to find vintage replacement tiles? It suggested checking with the neighbors to see if they are doing any remodeling projects that necessitate the removal of their own vintage tile. This mystery reader did just that and scored some vintage Franciscan starburst tiles for their own kitchen when they noticed their neighbors were remodeling. Score!

For the windows and the wall

vintage wall artAbove: This reader found a set of four awesome vintage wall plaques for their sunroom when their parent’s neighbor was cleaning house. I just love the orange, aqua and gold coloring and the quirky atomic illustration style, don’t you?

vintage fabricAbove: If this fabric doesn’t say mod and stylish, I don’t know what does — this lucky reader scored this 1960s fabric from Sweden to make window treatments for her sunroom.

Lovely lights

midcentury light fixtureAbove: Would you believe that this pendant light was purchased for just $1 at a church rummage sale? The mystery reader also added:

Yes, Pam I did have it rewired.”

Pam replies: Gold star for Safety!

midcentury light fixtureAbove: I am TOTALLY in love with this reader’s find: A vintage 1964 Moe Cascade chandelier. It looks like a group of mini flying saucers circling the sky. Oh, if only one of these would show up in my neck of the woods! Update: Pam says she has a set of these in the *vintage lighting store* in her attic.

Big finds

midcentury furnitureAbove: This reader found a Yngve Ekström’s “Mingo” with the elusive matching ottoman for only $20. It looks right at home in their wood paneled, warm and cozy den amidst all of their fabulous vintage light fixtures, vintage TV and stereo equipment and of course, an orange cone fireplace.

jeep wagoneerAbove: The final favorite is one of those purchases that just makes sense. This mystery reader says:

The 1966 Jeep Wagoneer I just got last month. Hauling home some 75 year old furniture to my 100 year old house with a 50 year old vehicle is pretty great.

I agree! Mega thanks to all who participated in our uploader — and if you missed it, fear not — we’ll do it again soon!

  1. Bette Jean Gilbert says:

    Hiya Pam & Kate, How lucky am I to have 2 photos featured? My typewriter and Cobra phone were featured in the original uploader. I’m the mystery reader with the $1 pendant light in the recap. Thanks! My 3rd photo in the original uploader was the vintage mixer. Sadly when I was taking care of my parents’ estate I got rid of my mom’s mixer (along with many other things–don’t even ask.) A few years later I regretted that and my sons found the exact mixer on eBay and surprised me with it. Have to catch up on my favorite blog–Retro Renovation. I’ve been stuck in the Mad Men universe–rewatching from Season 1 and reading MM blogs. Glad to be back, Bette Jean, Vero Beach FL

      1. Naomi says:

        Thanks! I was so happy to find this old rental house recently! It hadn’t been taken care of, was very dirty….it took a lot of elbow grease to clean that oven! And a lot of time and muscle to clean the cabinets and pulls. But I absolutely love this little antique house and it’s 1950’s style kitchen. I enjoy looking at everyone else’s pictures too!

  2. Scott says:

    This was also a great reminder to get thee back to the collection of all the recently uploaded stuff which I hadn’t done yet. Yowza fun stuff!

  3. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Love those vintage kitchens! If anyone in Connecticut, eastern New York State or southern Massachusetts is not looking for metal cabinets but prefers knotty pine base cabinets with aqua laminate tops in excellent condition, you should go to the new Habitat for Humanity Restore in Plainfield, Connecticut, off I-395. They have a beautiful set there that could be worked into a small kitchen or basement bar area. (Call first before making the trip; the ReStores have a web site you can look up.) There was also a bar/sitting area attached opposite the largest cabinet, so I’m guessing it was a peninsula/room divider. Think bar area or summer kitchen in your finished basement or kitchen in your summer cottage.

    I was drooling over this set even though I already have two complete knotty pine kitchens in my “coolonial” ranch. I told DH that if people wanted upper cabinets, they could used plain plywood for the cabinet boxes, paint them aqua to match the countertop, and get knotty pine plywood for the doors. My design ideas were getting too detailed, so he dragged me out of there, fearing I planned to replace our basement summer kitchen, which is not in as good shape as the one on the main floor.

    There was also a pink vanity top and several drop-in lavatory sinks of various colors. Overall, it was the best ReStore in our area other than Springfield, Mass.

    1. pam kueber says:

      Thanks, Mary Elizabeth. When you say ReStore in Springfield, do you mean the Center for Environmental Technology?

      1. Mary Elizabeth says:

        Sorry for the confusion. When I last visited the store it was called I EcoBuilding Bargains, 83 Warwick St., Springfield, MA. It used to be the Habitat for Humanity Restore, and is now (I think) separate from them and affiliated with the Center for Environmental Technology in Pittsfield.

        At any rate, it is a nonprofit and worth visiting.

  4. nina462 says:

    lovely….but I must point out to ImaPam’s table setting. Etiquette dictates that it’s either placemats or tablecloth….but not both. So remember either set the table with one or the other…..but I’ll still be over for dinner, what time do the cocktails start? LOL

    1. Carol says:

      My family uses both for large family dinners. We don’t have the pads for the tabletops, so in order to protect the wood finishes from drinking glass condensation we use both. Apparently the hostesses in the family consider us to be sloppy eaters! LOL. We are rather informal and only use the silver for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. My 94 year old Grandmother is the exception to the tablecloth AND placemat scenario. It’s always a real white linen tablecloth.

    2. Ima Pam says:

      That’s me, always breaking protocol (or is that “breaking with…”) Haha! Anyhoo, it’s about time to put away the spring flowers and get out Noritake “Hawaiian Holidays” dishes for a tiki time summer display. Then everybody can come over for pupu platter and cocktails. BYO favorite tiki mug! 🙂

      p.s. Still figuring out how to display all the fishing floats I recently scored thanks to tips from Pam K. and Kate on this great blog 🙂

      1. Kate says:

        Sounds awesome Ima Pam! I have a BUNCH of those fishing floats for my future tiki bar. I can’t wait to get started on that, but I’m still saving to finish the basement. Someday they will be on display!!

  5. Kim says:

    Oh, that Wagoneer! When I was in high school in the 80s, my mom’s chosen independent mechanic drove one–and would give it to her as a loaner whenever he worked on her nondescript car. I desperately wanted that Wagoneer. It was a total disaster, white with black primer spots like a Holstein cow, and I wanted to put pink curtains in the windows and take 30 friends to the movies at once. I BEGGED that man to sell it to me, offered everything I had–about $400. No dice. I did get to take it through the McDonald’s drive-thru once, while my main crush was working. Heaven! Thanks for the memories, mystery poster!

    1. Naomi says:

      The pink kitchen is what made me rent this house! I had to really scrub it down and clean it up, but I absolutely love my 100 year old house with it’s 1950’s pink kitchen!

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