13 ideas to decorate a pink and blue tile bathroom

pink and blue bathroom ideasvintage pink bathroom decorLast but not least [oopsy we forgot pink-and-burgundy, we’ll add that one next week!] Next in our quest to come up with 99 ideas for decorating pink bathrooms is the combination of pink and blue (remember Nora’s bathroom with this color combo?). While this color pairing can be challenging if you are trying to create a sophisticated adult space, it is far from impossible. Choosing just the right wallpaper or shower curtain can give this color combination an all grown-up feel that is far from the stereotypical nursery decor. Let’s see what we can come up with!

To get started, I used pink field tile from B&W… and a Bahama Pink toilet from Gerber. I mocked up the blue bullnose using a color in Photoshop. If you are designing a pink-and-blue tile bathroom like this from scratch, B&W has a decisively vintage blue, #20W.

For the towels featured in all these design boards, I shopped the large variety of colors available at The Company Store.

Pink and blue bathroom designs that start with wallpaper vintage pink and blue bathroom

Botanical 1950s — This  floral design from Hannah’s Treasures works well to make this pink and blue bathroom feel sophisticated and grown up. A plain white shower curtain and fresh blue and minty green towels help to balance the blue and green throughout the room.

vintage pink and blue bathroom

Flowery 1940s — For a homey 1950s feel, this floral wallpaper from Hannah’s Treasures fits the bill. A plain white shower curtain and coordinating pink and blue towels make this space feel granny chic.

vintage pink and blue bathroom

Neutral geometric — Here’s a way to add some neutralizing beige to the space: This geometric flower wallpaper from Hannah’s Treasures depicts pink blue and pale yellow flowers floating in a geometric beige background. The geometric lines mixed with the flowers give the wallpaper a complex feel, and mixing it with pink and blue towels and this white shower curtain with abstract beige flowers makes the space feel a little more modern.

vintage pink and blue bathroomWake up sunshine: Reader Robin, NV wanted to inject some sunny yellow into a pink and blue bathroom, so she started with this vintage 1940s lily pad wallpaper from Hannah’s Treasuresthen added a plain white shower curtain, white and blue towels and a vintage tissue box cover and waste can from Etsy seller TreasureResque. The result: a cheerful bathroom to wake up to every morning.

Pink and blue bathroom ideas that start with the shower curtain

vintage pink and blue bathroom

Feathery flamingo friends — Vintage bathrooms can always be made more fun with flamingos — which is why I love this sophisticated pink flamingo shower curtain with bits of blue water and green vegetation. Keeping the wall color a similar off white to the shower curtain background color ensures that the room doesn’t go overboard, while pink and blue towels finish off the look.
vintage pink and blue bathroomBlue skies over the field — For a colorful look, why not try this pale blue flower and butterfly shower curtain with bold pops of red, purple, blue, green and orange? A sky blue wall color gives the illusion of being outside, while pink and red towels reiterate the colorful floral pattern found on the shower curtain.

vintage pink and blue bathroom

Life’s a beach — This sun, sand and palm trees shower curtain design, paired with a sandy paint color make this vintage pink and blue bathroom feel like it is right at home on the ocean. Simple coordinating pink and blue towels finish off the room.

vintage pink and blue bathroom

Sea breeze pink — This submission from reader Elisabeth uses products all found at Ikea — an Aggersund tall ships shower curtain,  Frajen towels, and this map of the world wall art, all set against a light blue wall color.

vintage pink and blue bathroom

Cheap and cheerful kids bathroom —Reader Elisabeth’s second pink and white Ikea mood board features a multi-color striped shower curtain with coordinating hand towels, white and blue bath towels and a white mirror cabinet paired with simple white walls.

vintage pink and blue bathroom

Romantic flourish — Pam found this shower curtain on Urban Outfitters. She said it reminded her of the designs on vintage tablecloths.

vintage pink and blue bathroom

Shabby chic hibiscus patchwork — And how about this shower curtain from Society 6 for a massive love affair with pink and blue!

pink and blue bathroom ideaRaindrops keep fallin’: This pink and blue bathroom design sent in from reader Retroski shows how cute a rainy day can be. A raindrop patterned Marimekko shower curtain from Crate & Barrel sets the theme for the room. Wall art in pinks and blues from The Land of Nod, a blue splash soap dish and pink and blue towels set against a pinky beige wall color round out the look.

vintage pink and blue bathroom

Lilly Pulitzer delightfully dark: This delightfully dark pink and blue bathroom design has deep navy blue walls, but it won’t feel cave-like because of the day-glow bright Lilly Pulitzer floral shower curtain from Garnet Hill. Coordinating light blue and hot pink towels keep the room feeling punchy.

pink and blue bathroom

Want to help us create design board ideas for a pink and blue tile bathroom? Here’s how:

  • Use the image above as the basis for your design board.
  • Pam uses Powerpoint to create her design boards – it’s good for putting photos side-by-side – but use whatever program you like to arrange your design board. We’ve also created this image of complete page that you can start with, if you’d like – just save it and insert into Powerpoint to get started fast.
  • It’s okay if your board is kinda messy: I will take what you send us and reformat it. We’ll then add the reader design boards to this story, and likely, in a big followup story.
  • Find your wall treatment and add it — be sure to include the hotlink info to your source material
  • Find your shower curtain and add it — be sure to include the hotlink info
  • Find your bath towels and any other decor items and add them — be sure to include the hotlink info
  • Give your design a title (include your own name if you like)
  • Save as a PDF and email to us at retrodesigndilemma@gmail.com. Please put all info in one email.
  • All terms of use apply, be sure to read them

Coming up next: Ideas for a pink-tile-with-maroon-trim bathroom.

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  1. Lizzy says:

    Hi Pam,
    I love my Mamie pink tile and floor, and can stand the blue bullnose, but the blue tub toilet and sink are overwhelming! Too blue and pink. I know where to get a pink toilet, easy, and I found Habitats store for a pink sink, but that tub! It’s not in great shape. And the tile is in inches of concrete. The bathroom is a mini bomb shelter, so I don’t want to disturb it. I’d need perfect match tub.

    Do I need to look for that at Restore too? I like the all pink bathrooms in every other house I liked but missed out on. But this is too much blue! It needs to be lessened. Less blue. And it’s Regency Blue, with black undertones. Ick.

    1. pam kueber says:

      Are you new to your old house and this bathroom. Live with it at least a year before you make big changes like this. As you have said, it’s well built. I believe that getting the tub out also would be very very difficult.

  2. Nina462 says:

    The first two w/wallpaper are too much like the 80’s, if you ask me. I like all the other options however. But what about adding some Chalkware to the walls for color? I have a blue & yellow bathroom & have seahorses & bubbles chalkware on the walls instead of pictures. I also have a set of bluebird chalkware, in case I want to mix it up a bit.

      1. Kathy says:

        The 80s colors are quite similar to what was popular in the 30s to 40s, to go along with the shoulder pads I guess!

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