11 ideas to decorate a burgundy and pink bathroom

vintage maroon and pink bathroom

vintage pink bathroom decorIt’s hard to believe we *almost* forgot pink and maroon aka burgundy tile bathrooms in our quest to find 99 ideas to decorate a pink bathroom — thanks for the reminder Vinny! I suspect that while there may not be many people installing this color combo these days, there are plenty of vintage pink and maroon bathrooms out there that leave homeowners scratching their heads when it comes time to decorate. In an effort to help, we’ve come up with some design ideas that start with either wallpaper or shower curtain as inspiration. Plus, we encourage you to submit your own decorating suggestions, too. 

pink and maroon bathroom design ideasTo get started, I used pink field tile from B&W… and a Bahama Pink toilet from Gerber. I mocked up the maroon bullnose using a color in Photoshop. If you are designing a pink-and-maroon  tile bathroom like this from scratch, well, you are in luck, because yes: B&W has a maroon colorway, #78W. Golly, we want to see someone do this!

For the towels featured in all these design boards, I shopped the large variety of colors available at The Company Store.

Pink and maroon bathroom design ideas that start with wallpaperpink and maroon bathroom design ideas

Dots and dashes: This vintage wallpaper from Hannah’s Treasures creates a playful yet geometric feel in this maroon and pink bathroom. The addition of a stone gray shower curtain and white and pink towels keeps the focus on the dots and dashes vintage wallpaper pattern. Note: I initially had a white shower curtain on this mood board because I worry that 1) too much gray in a room can make it feel drab and 2) many vintage grays are warm while most often the grays used today are cooler, thus making it harder to coordinate a new shower curtain with a vintage wallpaper — but Pam wanted to show the color combination anyway — just to get it out there. She agrees, though: If you are going to use a gray shower curtain make sure its warmth/coolness matches the field of the wallpaper; this example — looks like a pretty good match.

vintage maroon and pink bathroom

Elegant geometry:sophisticated vintage wallpaper from Hannah’s Treasures takes center stage in this pink and maroon bathroom, with supporting roles played by a simple white shower curtain and pink and maroon towels. Note that while we’ve warned before about repeating square grids in a bathroom with 4″ tile walls, this gridded wallpaper works because its grid is so oversized.

vintage maroon and pink bathroom

1950s geo: This fun, flowery geometric 1950s vintage wallpaper from Hannah’s Treasures creates a playful yet neutral feel for this maroon and pink bathroom. Finishing off the look: a plain white shower curtain and white and maroon towels keep the room feeling fresh. Note — this wallpaper is another grid. In this case, we’d say it works because the grid is smaller than that of the tile, plus the designs are circular…. When combining grids, you are going to need to be careful….

vintage maroon and pink bathroom

Atomic doodle: For a retro modern look, why not try Bradbury & Bradbury’s atomic doodle wallpaper in pink, paired with a simple white shower curtain and pink and gold towels. This Bradbury wallpaper also features some metallic gold ink — additional interest!

vintage maroon and pink bathroom

Flower garden: The use of complementary colors — maroon/pink and green — works well in this bathroom design. The vintage floral wallpaper from Hannah’s Treasures is mostly monochromatic, but the pops of green and white keep it feeling fresh. The addition of a green shower curtain and white and green towels repeat the green from the wallpaper and keep the room interesting.

pink and maroon bathroom design ideasArt Deco delight: Since pink and maroon is a common color combination used in Art Deco decor, why not try it out in this vintage bathroom design? Bradbury & Bradbury’s Zenith Art Deco style wallpaper in platinum looks stunning paired with simple white and maroon towels and a stone gray shower curtainNote: I initially had a white shower curtain on this mood board because I worry that 1) too much gray in a room can make it feel drab and 2) many vintage grays are warm while most often the grays used today are cooler, thus making it harder to coordinate a new shower curtain with a vintage wallpaper — but Pam wanted to show the color combination anyway. See our text above about making sure you match cool grays with cool grays and warm grays with warm grays — this one feels like it matches pretty well.

Pink and maroon bathroom design ideas that start with the shower curtain

vintage maroon and pink bathroomVenice vacation: Why not take a trip to Venice in your own bathroom? This scenic shower curtain from DENY Designs will take you there, especially when paired with a sunny cream paint color and maroon and gold towels. Bon Voyage!

vintage maroon and pink bathroomHappy hippy: This bathroom is built around a groovy flower power shower curtain from DENY Designs. Paired with a chartreuse wall color and white and deep teal towels, it will have you doing the happy hippy shake shake every morning for sure.

vintage maroon and pink bathroomPurple ka-pow: The bold maroon, purple and red colors in this shower curtain from Society 6 inject lots of energy into this maroon and pink bathroom. Coordinating purple and maroon towels and a light purple paint job pull the punchy look together.

vintage pink and maroon bathroom

Traditional tapestry: For a more traditional look, this affordable shower curtain from JCPenney fits the bill. Set against a warm beige wall color with complementary pink and maroon towels, this maroon and pink bathroom becomes instantly charming.

vintage pink and maroon bathroomBattling the octopus: Reader Robin, NV wanted to show that pink bathrooms can defy frilly stereotypes, so she designed this Samurai themed bathroom. Starting with a shower curtain depicting a warrior fighting an octopus from Overstock.com, Robin then added cream and beige towels and a light pink wall color.

vintage maroon and pink bathroomWant to help us create design board ideas for a pink and maroon tile bathroom? Here’s how:

  • Use the image above as the basis for your design board.
  • Pam uses Powerpoint to create her design boards – it’s good for putting photos side-by-side – but use whatever program you like to arrange your design board. We’ve also created this image of complete page that you can start with, if you’d like – just save it and insert into Powerpoint to get started fast.
  • It’s okay if your board is kinda messy: I will take what you send us and reformat it. We’ll then add the reader design boards to this story, and likely, in a big followup story.
  • Find your wall treatment and add it — be sure to include the hotlink info to your source material
  • Find your shower curtain and add it — be sure to include the hotlink info
  • Find your bath towels and any other decor items and add them — be sure to include the hotlink info
  • Give your design a title (include your own name if you like)
  • Save as a PDF and email to us at retrodesigndilemma@gmail.com. Please put all info in one email.
  • All terms of use apply, be sure to read them

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  1. Mary Elizabeth says:

    I love this post because the Victorian house I grew up in had a living room decorated in these colors. The wallpaper (probably put up in the 1920s or ’30s) was a fine stripe of maroon, pink, white, and gray. It had a texture and sheen of raw silk. The draperies were an oversized floral of pink and white roses on maroon background. So if I had this bath to decorate (or could somehow make my computer work with your design board), I would use a striped wallpaper and a floral shower curtain.

    My favorites of those you’ve put together, though, are Traditional Tapestry, Art Deco and Elegant Geometry. I agree that the square shapes in the paper in Elegant Geometry don’t conflict with the square tile. They are softened by the circle shapes and florals in the overall design.

  2. Steve H says:

    Lots of excellent ideas here that I’m sure many folks will appreciate. Just from what I have seen, it seems like pink/maroon bathrooms were more common than I would have guessed. The Venice shower curtain sure is fun and I really like it paired with the cream paint and towels.

    1. Jane K says:

      I second that – the Venice Vacation really grabbed my eye! Very nice combo with the creamy color and good for someone who isn’t going for the super-vintage look.

  3. Jordan says:

    Some really cute ideas here! I know a few people with pink and burgundy bathrooms already – will definitely have to show them this inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Birgitte says:

    Love the sage green shower curtain, I think we’ll go with that as it is hubby’s favorite color as well. It might sell him on going with pink ceramic tile when we redo the plastic tile that is in there now… 😀

  5. Robin, NV says:

    Love the Dots and Dashes! It’s very retro sophisticated. I also really like Atomic Doodle – the combo of pink and gold towels is a nice deviation from the typical pink and white.

  6. Ranger Smith says:

    Wow! I think I’ll now allow myself to become obsessed with these wallpapers. Kate these are awesome suggestions. The geometrics are all great and then you throw in that big bold tropical flower paper. Go big or go home! Excellent! And now I will return to obsessing. 🙂

  7. Dee says:

    I am renovating my pink and gray bathroom and needed a pink replacement toilet and the guys at Decor Island didn’t give up and FOUND ME ONE in Quebec!! Shipping cost me, but at the end of that call I told that guy I LOVE YOU!!

    1. Mary says:

      Yes, I would have married that guy at Decor Island, too, if I weren’t already married to one who aids and abets me in all things retro. And the shipping is pricey, even from New York State. But well worth it. The delivery person shook his head when my toilet came in and said to me, “You know, they sell toilets down at the local hardware.” But I told him, “Not in Bahama Pink, they don’t!”

  8. Barbara says:

    I love the old bathrooms and am so sad that my son and his bride-to-be do not appreciate the 2 bathrooms in their 1951 ranch. The toilet tanks actually have style! and so does the tub! I know there are laws about old toilets (I have a farm and am on a well) but when they redo their pink and maroon, and green and maroon bathrooms-I will save and try to rehome the fixtures!

  9. Judy H. says:

    Hi Pam, I have a pink tile with a slamon pink bullnose tile for trim. Have you ever seen one of these? It has always been a bear for me to decorate. The floor is a small square pink, white and silver fleck tile.
    Have you ever run across this tile combo? Please say you have. My house is 1953.

    1. pam kueber says:

      Wow! I can’t say I ever remember seeing this combo. But it sounds fabulous! Do you want to send us some photos — we can make some mood boards with this, too! Use the email in the story. Thanks!

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