100 more New Old Stock Emerson-Pryne kitchen exhaust fan covers from House of Fans — now on ebay

emerson-pryne-grill-coverHouse of Fans lost their lease and no longer has a brick and mortar building. But, they still have boxes and boxes of these New Old Stock Emerson-Pryne exhaust fan covers — and they have finally listed them for sale on ebay. (*affiliate link). The first time we ran this story, all 100 sold out within about four days. I got one — I love it! Now, they’ve unpacked another 100 of these 12″ grille covers. Get ‘Em While You Can!

House of Fans told me there may be some 9″ covers, they will list them soon. Go get ’em while the getting is good. See my previous stories for reader tips on how to pair these exhaust fan covers with new fan units.

Where to get them:

  1. mike says:

    I am looking for a bathroom exhaust fan motor Emerson-Pryne model F32CAK5-476. Any info would be appreciated.

  2. Dan K. says:

    I’m looking for ANYONE who knows about the 1950’s Pryne Blo-Fan kitchen exhaust. It stopped working, and magically I found a new switch but the electrical wires enter the motor were shorting out. I disassembled everything but can’t figure out how to take the motor apart to replace the wires. It looks like a solid motor housing but it must come apart somehow.

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