Wilsonart retro Betty countertop in this inviting kitchen remodel sneak peek

Wilsonart-Betty-laminateWilsonart’s Betty laminate just became available this year, and here are the first photos from reader Nancy, who used it for countertops in her retro style kitchen. You can see more of her project, in action, on her blog The Literate Quilter.

“We remodeled our kitchen with Betty laminate from Wilsonart,” mystery reader said. “This canister set had to be in our new kitchen.”

The orangy squares in the design help this laminate coordinate well with light warm wood cabinets. And, the scale + tonality of the laminate design is very pleasing — not too overwhelming, but giving the countertop just enough motion and interest so that it doesn’t sit like a big long blob on the cabinetry.

And remember: This Wilsonart laminate is a stock laminate — there should be no special pricing, it should come in well under $100 for a big sheet. It’s gonna be just about as affordable as you can get for a countertop.

Nancy, thank you for uploading this photo to our weekend uploader. Many thanks!


  1. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Nancy, this is a beautiful kitchen! I went on your blog, and it looks like it will be extremely functional as well. I do think the countertop laminate brings out the warmth of the wood, while the cool blue tones provide visual variety.

    Also, congratulations on finding and supporting the work of a good woman contractor. We lucked into another one here in Connecticut when we did a major addition.

  2. Joe Felice says:

    It is very soothing, but I do not like squared-off edges or corners. Rounded or beveled seem more appealing to me. Of course, that costs extra.

  3. Mark E. says:

    Nancy, I love this look. As a kitchen dealer, though, I must ask this question: “Are the 4 drawers in that drawerbase inserted in the correct sequence top-to-bottom?” (I could be wrong, but) it looks as though the drawerfronts may have been faced from one piece of veneer so that the grain pattern would continue uninterrupted from top-to-bottom. Are you able to re-arrange them to get that result?

  4. Lynn says:

    It looks beautiful! I love your kitchen! I have those same canisters–they were my grandma’s. I also have the salt and pepper shakers and cake cover–love them all!!

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