Wilsonart retro Betty countertop in this inviting kitchen remodel sneak peek

Wilsonart-Betty-laminateWilsonart’s Betty laminate just became available this year, and here are the first photos from reader Nancy, who used it for countertops in her retro style kitchen. You can see more of her project, in action, on her blog The Literate Quilter.

“We remodeled our kitchen with Betty laminate from Wilsonart,” mystery reader said. “This canister set had to be in our new kitchen.”

The orangy squares in the design help this laminate coordinate well with light warm wood cabinets. And, the scale + tonality of the laminate design is very pleasing — not too overwhelming, but giving the countertop just enough motion and interest so that it doesn’t sit like a big long blob on the cabinetry.

And remember: This Wilsonart laminate is a stock laminate — there should be no special pricing, it should come in well under $100 for a big sheet. It’s gonna be just about as affordable as you can get for a countertop.

Nancy, thank you for uploading this photo to our weekend uploader. Many thanks!


  1. Robin, NV says:

    Oh wonderful! It’s so great to see this laminate out in the wild. I love it!

    Pam, just out of curiosity do you have any thoughts on laminate counter edge treatments? Rounded, squared, or bull nose? I went with a rounded, no-drip edge for my new countertops because that’s what was originally in my kitchen.

      1. Robin, NV says:

        The original 1962 countertops in my kitchen had the rounded, raised (“no drip”) edge. But whether or not that style was available prior to that, I have no idea. Incidentally, my original countertops also had the integrated, rounded, 4″ back splash too.

      2. Sara of WA says:

        We used the new bullnose edge that came out a few years ago and I don’t think I would do it again. It chipped in my utility room which is where we walk in the house everyday, and it bugs me every time. Also, it takes up more room so you have to figure that in if you’re close to trim. The straight is pretty classic.

    1. Nancy says:

      The cabinets are quartersawn natural cherry from Kraftmade. We saw a store display several years ago and loved them. They cost more –solid wood– but we had to have them.

  2. Yvonne Culpeppef says:

    Looks awesome! My mom has those same canisters. She also had a “grease” can and the S &P shakers. I’d love to see more pictures, too.

    1. Nancy says:

      I love spun aluminum! I found these in a local antique mall. So cool your mom still has hers. More pics are on my blog, but a I am waiting for the final little jobs to be done before taking big reveal pics.

  3. Nancy says:

    So excited to see my countertops featured! I love them. You can see the progress from choices to finish on my blog by searching for ‘kitchen remodel’.
    One contractor actually told me he wouldn’t let me use laminate! But we had our hearts set on Betty.
    We also used quarter sawn cherry cabinets and cork floors.
    I thank Retro Rennovation for bringing the new Wilson Art laminates to attention in the first place. We placed our order before Betty was ready to be shipped! Nancy

  4. Hannah says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your kitchen! This is the exact scheme I’ve been considering for my kitchen- Betty with our cabinets stripped down to natural 🙂 But my biggest dilemma is whether my pale pink stove and fridge will work with that, or look totally crazy.

      1. Jennifer says:

        I’m thinking of putting in Endora with my vintage pink cabinets. We’re waiting for samples, but my husband prefers Betty so far. Orange and pink can go together, as can orange and teal. Plus, we will have oak floors–sort of orangey in tone. So Betty might be a better choice. I hope to get large samples soon.

    1. Patti Cannan says:

      Well we shall see! I’m putting Betty in my 1957 ranch kitchen. I tried to refinish my wood cabinets but couldn’t get the wood tone even so opted to paint then instead, a turquoise color called Aquaduct. After WEEKS of hard labor, they turned out perfect. THEN…I found a 1960 pink wall oven and cooktop. I had to get it! Endora looks beautiful with it but I am not painting my cabinets again, so Betty it is and pink will now be my “pop of color”!!!

  5. moshimama says:

    Love the use of the retro laminate! We just bought a ’50s house with a kitchen in really bad shape (not cute retro at all!) I really want to use the Daisy Envy laminate from Wilsonart for the counters, but I haven’t seen any pictures of it in a kitchen. Has anyone seen it?

      1. moshimama says:

        Thanks so much for the link to pictures! The pattern is big, but I’m going with white cabinets so it might still work. People will think it is nuts, but I love those greens 🙂

        1. Nancy says:

          I loved the daisy colors, too. The green went with my family room, and the orange matched the warm cabinets. I hope we see what it looks like when/if you use it!

  6. sherree says:

    Yay Nancy! I jumped over to your blog and loved seeing your kitchen and the Betty laminate installed 🙂 Your whole kitchen is great. We are in the middle of a kitchen remodel in our 1952 ranch and are using Betty laminate also, not just for my counter tops but also for my back splash.

  7. kim says:

    Nancy, what is your wall color? I looked at 50 samples many of the same ones you pictured and also loved Betty! I hope to have mine in sometime soon.

    1. Nancy says:

      The contractor matched our hallway paint, which was Behr Marquee, I forget the exact name but it’s Aqua something, one of the stock color cards on display in Home Depot. I loved the color and wanted to paint the whole house that color!

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