Dishmaster Princess — in Sunshine Yellow!

dishmaster princess faucetReader Devona recently scored a rare Dishmaster “Princess” model — New Old Stock! What’s interesting about Princess is that she is not the main kitchen faucet — she is an ancillary appliance — she goes in that extra hole on the far right of the sink deck intended for a sprayer nozzle.

dishmaster princess kitchen faucet in yellowRemember: The key feature of the Dishmaster was that a receptor/container underneath the decorative housing held liquid soap — push the button on the sprayer wand, and water would then flow up and mix with the soap, and out the brush wand the soapiness would flow. Mrs. would never have to touch a Dobie. If my vintage Kohler sink had the extra hole, I’d be all over this Princess.

Devona — herself from the homeland o’ Dishmasters — has the unit for sale on ebay right now. Click here to see Devona’s listing, which includes more photos (affiliate link). She wrote:

Hi there Pam and Kate!

I found another woddity for you 🙂 Can’t find it anywhere online! Its a Princess model Dishmaster….and it’s YELLOW!! Crazy…I’ve never seen one like this, and we used to sell Dishmasters at my family’s lumber yard back when they were made in Pontiac [Michigan].

I worked at my family’s lumber yard from the mid 70’s until it was sold in 95… and this pre-dates me.  We used to go pick up our orders in Pontiac… about 15 miles away.  I’m wondering if it came in other colors too….I’d do about anything to get an aqua one!

Was fortunate enough to pick (at the same sale) up a NOS – in the box Imperial 4, and three others in various states of repair.  I guess the guy was a Dishmaster fan/hoarder!  LOL!  Need to get those sorted out and parts purchased.  Luckily, my local hardware has all the parts and pieces right in stock!

instructions to install princess dishmasterDevona contacted Dishmaster to see if she could get more history, and yes indeedy, they quickly replied:


The M24 Princess was sold in the late 60’s-early 70’s.  The face plate was the same on all faucets but the cover was available in sunshine yellow, avocado green, flower orange and satin black.  Except for the hose and wand there are no parts available.

You can still buy a Dishmaster today — but not a Dishmaster Princess 🙁

  1. Dishmaster says:

    As Pam said above, you can still purchase Dishmasters today! Our Imperial Four and Imperial Four XL Dishmasters have a great retro vibe! Thanks for sharing Devona’s great find with us.

    1. Matt says:

      Yup. Just looked at the Imperial Four. It looks almost the same as the first model, from 1948. It looks very retro.

  2. midmichigan says:

    Great post. I’ve always liked Dishmasters and this one was conveniently made in the RRCOTY, Sunshine Yellow color with a matching brush head too. The B/W photo showing the boomerang laminate with the Dishmaster is cool.

  3. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Jay, hope you and I aren’t at the same yard sale when we spot the avocado one. I will knock you over to get there first, and I mean it. 🙂

      1. Mary Elizabeth says:

        Thank you for saying that, Barbara! I don’t think to mention how much I enjoy the comments of other “regulars.” Jay’s Three Stooges imitation was pretty darn good, wasn’t it?

    1. Jay says:

      I think we’re both safe, we’re in different states. But how many times, I have thought “if only I was five minutes earlier that item could have been mine” that I see someone walking away with.

  4. Jay says:

    Avocado eh? Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk. I could go for one of those in place of the sprayer. No really, I would like it in avocado or the black or the yellow. It sure would beat the bottle of dish detergent sitting out on the sink. Not everyting goes in the dishwasher.

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