Thibaut nautical wallpaper mural — a wonderful addition to Chris’ dining room

wallpaper muralReader Chris, a real estate agent, constantly sees vintage wall murals in the time capsule homes he sells, and he has been wishing for his own for a while. So, like many other readers, he jumped on all the Thibaut wall murals on closeout for $50 each when we published that story a year ago. Chris recently had his nautical “Ships Haven” mural installed. Wow — it looks wonderful!

wallpaper muralChris writes:

I am in real estate and I see these awesome murals in the time capsule houses that come to market. You know, the ones preserved by neglect. I always wish I could pull them off the wall and take them home with me, which of course is not possible.

I was online one day searching and searching for wall murals and came across Retro Renovation. I saw that Thibaut was clearing out their stock of these vintage murals, and this was all they had left. I was hoping for one of the more rural scenes, but actually I am glad I got the nautical scene — I love it!

wallpaper mural

I got very lucky that I didn’t have to repaint my dining room. The ship in the mural is basically the same color as the room so it worked out great!

Chris, that wallpaper mural really makes your dining room feel special, and it seems to me that it fits the space perfectly. Thanks so much for sharing your photos with us.

Who else has installed their Thibaut mural?
We know RR-ers bought them all —
Steve’s Wallpaper told Pam it was a frenzy!
Send your pics! Send your pics!

  1. Janet in ME says:

    It looks fabulous! What a perfect spot for it and even your furniture looks just right with it! So glad you shared it with us.

  2. Geronimom says:

    Wow, Chris – that’s so beautiful! I can just imagine a group of all your nearest and dearest sitting down to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast at that table with the lovely backdrop scene of that mural presiding gloriously in the background. That, too, was the mural I ended up with (still deciding on the perfect spot for it) – Very happy to know just how lovely it can look!

  3. Robin, NV says:

    The mural looks great! The nautical theme works really well with Chris’s decor. I’ve been eyeing an Oriental themed mural on ebay for a while. It’s not vintage but the watercolor-y look of it makes it look like something you might see in an older installation. Maybe I’ll take the plunge and finally buy it!

  4. mrsx says:

    Wow – fabulous! I’ve long admired them in others’ homes! Would love to install one but my dining room lacks the unbroken wall space. Will continue to live vicariously through others who cherish!

  5. Chris says:

    Thanks for all the positive feedback guys! I am definitely looking forward to Christmas Eve when the whole extended family descends for wine and appetizers. 🙂

  6. Sarah Middleton says:

    Really nice to see the mural up and actively lovely,
    Well done!
    Wanted to alert readers to a spread in this October 2015 issue of “Allure” magazine, a fashion shoot, 8 sumptuous pages, in collector Cullen Meyer’s Brooklyn pad. You profiled this space here in Retro Renovation several years ago.
    Seeing it again, stuffed with vintage collections, retro furniture and now elegantly clad models (plus, the set dressers raided a bakery from the looks of it!) it is just as exciting as ever, and proves again that making your home as you like it and love it makes it exciting and memorable for everybody lucky enough to visit it!

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