In the back of the warehouse, on dusty, forlorn, spider-encrusted shelves: More NOS treasure

100s of decorative liner tiles from the 1930s to 1960s

This story started as such stories start. Reader Angela was looking for black liner tiles at a local tile shop. She started up a conversation with the salesman. Soon thereafter, he led her to the back of the warehouse where, among forlorn, dusty, spider-encrusted shelves, hid boxes and boxes — hundreds — of New Old Stock decorative liner tiles.

Both with many in volumes large enough to do an entire kitchen or bathroom. Angela had to sit down, she was so gobsmacked. But then, she got it together and slapped down her credit card and now she has them all for sale, ready to find their forever homes among grateful Retro Renovators.

black-white-liner tiles

decorative-tile-linersvintage-sizzle-stripsbubble-liner-tileGo to it, dear readers, we don’t know how many stories like this are left.

vintage yellow kitchen“What are liner tiles?” — some readers are asking:


liner-tilesdecorative-liner-tilesWho could Angela tell about this momentous discovery? Us!:

Hi Pam!

I’m restoring my house and came across a HUGE stash of NOS liner tiles with various designs from the 30s-50s. I snapped them up and am about to put them up on Ebay. There are deco patterns, atomic patterns etc. LOVE THE BLOG!!!!!!

Golly, Angela, LOVE OUR READERS!!!!!! So share all the exciting deets, we all want to know exactly how you found these! Angela replies:

I was looking for black tile liners for my own 1944 bathroom. “I need solid black” I told the tile guy. “I really really want liner tiles from B&W, but they are not in the budget, so no patterns for me.”  The tile guy tells me he has some I might like and takes me to a wall in the big old warehouse, covered in dust and spiderwebs (NO JOKE), and tells me these are their leftover liner tiles from the 1930 to 1960s.

I thought I would fall over. I couldn’t even talk (again no joke). I had to sit down, all before even looking in the boxes. Some are patterned and some are solid pastels. I went through every one. I sat down in the dust and looked at all of them and then, after calming down, pretty much bought them all.  Hundreds of liner tiles, many wrapped in the original paper.

Because I bought hundreds of these on a whim because they were AWESOME, I have to sell them pretty quickly. This was an unplanned expense. I had to rescue these tiles!  Because there are so many, I am having to do multiple trips back and forth. There are 19 listings so far, but I will be posting more.


How to get these New Old Stock liner tiles (affiliate links):

Thank you, Angela and Kathy, you rock!

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  1. Karen says:

    Stunning! I’ve paid little attention to them other than to think, hmm, looks nice or what were they thinking?? Singly they make quite an impression. Another thing to put on my wish list:)

  2. pam kueber says:

    For those of you subscribed to this thread: Links to a second seller — with more liner tiles similar to Angela’s and in multiples — added to this story,

  3. angela says:

    Hi Everyone!

    This is Angela and the last of these liner tiles will be listed on Monday (the 12th) afternoon so check back if you dont see what you need. Thanks!!!!

  4. Kerri says:

    I have chills. What an amazing find! I loved looking at all of the designs. I have a yellow with black trim bathroom and am interested in liner tiles with black in them to add into my tiles at some future date. I didn’t see any black liners on the eBay page just yet. Thanks for posting Angela. I’m not sure what vintage my bathroom is, but my house was built in 1929.

    1. Kathy in San Leandro says:

      I’m zvezda68 on eBay. I have some tiles with black listed now, including black with a lovely yellow. I had my tiles listed this spring, but no one was interested.

      The ones I have listed are the ones I won’t be using in my 1931 bath. They may appear so similar to Angiedange’s because we both lucked into NOS stashes in the SF Bay Area. I even have more of the same gray and red atomic ones! Personally, I think they would look awesome in a bar backsplash.

      Try searching for terms like “vintage liner tile” or “vintage bath tile” and you’ll find other examples, too. Good luck finding the perfect tiles!

  5. Cindy A. says:

    Angela, these are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing. Unfortunately I will not be purchasing any of these beauties, but I really enjoyed looking at them. I hope we get to see how your buyers use them.

  6. Diana says:

    Hope I didn’t miss this in your amazing story, but what did you choose for your own bathroom? Did they have black or did you go with a pattern? Love these kinds of stories!

  7. Sandy says:

    Atomic is the 50’s if I recall. Love these sweet designs! Hmmmm…might need to rethink my 1920/30ish farmhouse bathroom re-do!

  8. mimi says:

    Whoa! Step back in time and blink! Bottom photo, numbers 5 snd 6 from left….is that blue and palest pink???

      1. Tom says:

        I searched and didn’t see any sold items or any 1960’s items.
        Will you please give us a link to the sold ones you saw I would love to see them.
        If you have a 1930’s or 1940’s bathroom or kitchen this is a great find not so much for the 1960’s crowd.

  9. Tom says:

    Checked the listing it’s all 1930- 1940’s tiles no atomic tiles available on ebay. These are cool but I was hoping to see atomic tiles.

    1. Sandra says:


      When I sell on eBay, I always group like with like, so that people who click “see my other listings” get something relevant. If she’s doing the same thing, then these will probably go up era by era.

      Be sure to keep checking.

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